Oxford BookStore launch Fashion Debate: Key to Grooming Room

OxfordBookstore organise Fashion Debate on Key to Grooming Room

Oxford BookStore has hosted an evening, a fashion debate, “The Key to  Grooming Room“, consisting of panel members led by the leading Fashion Designer, Charu Parashar, Anupam Bansal, Managing Director of Retail Liberty Shoes and Aashmeen Munjal, Hair and Make-up Expert.

Ace Fashion Designer, Charu Parashar at the Oxford BookStore event.

Apparently, the members of the panel were laying emphasis on grooming in an individual’s daily life, irrespective of whether the person is right out on the streets or attending a corporate boardroom meeting.

Anupam Bansal MD Retail Liberty Shoes, Designer Charu Parashar, Aashmeen Munjal and Rishi Raj

Charu Parasar, one of the panellists is a new generation designer, who is persistently pushed towards taking the exotic Indian craftsmanship, as well as the age old printing techniques to the loftiest plains of luxury. the fact of the matter is that the world of luxury couture in India has got its own imprints. In reality, the flowing hemlines playing peekaoo with Bling and fitted forms, creating magic with the beauty is all about Indian woman stands for.

Hair and Make up Expert Aashmeen Munjal, Anupam Bansal MD Retail Liberty Shoes, Fashion Designer Charu Parashar an Rishi Raj

Charu, one of the most admired couturiers in India, she is synonymous with the classic designs of understated elegance. What is more, a strong design sensibility, replete with rich detailing through the genius of centuries of Indian craftsmanship techniques, make this genius her ensembles, which are desired by the woman of modern times. Furthermore, the brad exudes a sense of romantic-sexy sophistication that is empowering a modern woman.

Humongous Legacy

The Charu Parasar label has in fact have built a humongous legacy in the organised fashion segment in India as well as in the overseas markets. The label retails from 54 hi street fashion outlets across seven countries globally today. In the last decade or so, its showcase journey has been across New York, Philadelphia, Dubai, Kuwait, Toronto, London, Jakarta, Barcelona, Paris and Milan which clearly indicates the acceptance of the label into a larger and contemporary Diasporas. Her quest for providing perfect quality with immaculate finish and attention to detail for every garment has earned her respect globally.

Entrepreneurs Annie Munjal and Arvind Munjal

Again, Aashmeen Munjaal is a seasoned connoisseur of thematic make up and her ingenious makeover skills make thematic makeup one of her forte. Over her comprehensive career of 28 years, her phenomenal creativity stretched to the Tinsel town and led her to doll up celebrities like Freida Pinto, Soha Ali Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez and stunning ramp models like Krishna Sumani, Amanpreet Wahi, Yuvika Choudhry and many more.

From (L-R) Anupam Bansal MD Retail Liberty Shoes, Hair and Make up Expert Aashmeen Munjal , Fashion Designer Charu Parashar and Stylist & Show Director Rishi Raj

Another panellist, Anupam Bansal, is an Economics graduate from Delhi’s Shriram College of Commerce with a background in footwear designing from Ars Sutoria of Italy. After occupying various positions of responsibility in the marketing division he is currently heading the organisation as the Executive Director- Retail . His association with the Liberty brand is in his own words ‘a journey of personal discovery and professional evolution’.

Stylist and Show Director Rishi Raj with Hair and Make-Up Expert Aashmeen Munjal

Respected for his contribution in the fashion and media industry, Rishi Raj is a Stylist, Show Director Image Consultant, Educator and Fashion Commentator par excellence. With a work folio that boasts of popular A-list brands, Rishi has worked his magic on International Sport stars and Bollywood Divas, but giving makeovers to real people is what he enjoys the most. Having worked on many TV shows both on and off camera, he moves with ease between commercial, editorial and runway styling.