Awesome Chinese Noodle making technique at The Food Ranger Show goes viral

Yummy noodle making by street food vendors of China video goes viral at The Food Ranger Show

Look at the dexterity of this Chinese chef who is weaving noodles from seasoned preparation.

Look at this yummy Chinese street food noodle making technique at The Food Ranger Show which is going viral!


Chinese noodles are just amazing! Without doubt, you will just fall in love for sure! The video has 1,979,615 views and counting and that goes to show the popularity and the dexterity of the Chinese workmanship. This chef, shown in this Chinese Fast Food video is simply amazing man. From the seasoned raw material, how he weaves noodle strands is an art to watch. In addition to that, look at the recipe that is added along with this street shop noodles at The Food Ranger Show video that is going viral. If you follow along behind the scenes, you would love to see more awesome features like this and more. This is a video that The Food Ranger Show uploaded on December 23, 2018, shot at a street shop in Xining Shi province of China.