Announcing in 2004 after missing several deadlines Signature Bridge built over Yamuna River in Delhi opened

Although announced way back in 2004, the Signature Bridge, after missing several deadlines was finally inaugurated this evening. Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi officially inaugurated the bridge, which is expected to reduce travel between north and northeast Delhi. The new bridge will be thrown open to public tomorrow.

The bridge has come up on a 675 metre long cable stayed stretch will ease the traffic pressure of Delhi Traffic, especially, Wazirabad bridge and further connect the Outer Ring Road on the western bank of Yamuna river with Wazirabad Road on the eastern side. Signal Bridge, in fact, is the first asymmetrical cable stayed bridge in the country, which gives magnificent view of the Delhi metropolis.

Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia, Photo: PTI.

Four elevators are in place, which can accommodate a total of 50 people to the top of the bridge. Sufficient spaces are provided for the selfie-crazy citizens of Delhi to stand on the bridge and take their photographs. The work of the elevators are going on and according to officials, they will be operational within two months.

Tourism potential

Besides easing the chalk-a-block traffic of Delhi, Signature Bridge will also add up as a major tourism attraction as it offers panoramic view of the city. Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi said that with 154 metre high glass box offering a panoramic view of the city, the Signature Bridge has gained a spot in the tourism map of Delhi. Through his Twitter handle, Sisodia invited all the citizens of Delhi to take part in the inauguration of the bridge, a pride of Delhi. The DCM Tweeted: Delhi! Here is yor pride…The Signature Bridge…Ready to welcome you tomorrow for inauguration ceremony 4.00 PM onwards…Sunday…4th Nov.”

He also took to Twitter to settle score with the Union Government as he tweeted that the BJP attempted to meddle with the progress of the project by appointing incompetent officers and further threatening those officers who were honest. “It was a humongous challenge for the Aam Aadmi Party Government to make this dream a reality”, Sisodia said.

Originally approved in 1997, apparently when a school bus fell off the narrow Wazirabad bridge into the Yamuna river where 22 children drowned. The actual work commenced only in 2008 and now finally when the bridge was thrown open to the public, the cost escalated many folds. The original budget was to built Signature Bridge at a cost of Rs.1,131 crore and targeted to finish the work before the Commonwealth Games in October 2010, but that dream did not take off. In 2015, the cost of the project had risen to Rs.1,594 crore. Again, the deadline to finish the project was deferred to June 2016. What is more, the project got further delayed and the inauguration plan was postponed to July 2017 and again it was deferred to December last year. Finally, after much struggle, the Signature Bridge got inaugurated, thus giving the motorists the much needed drive sans traffic snarls.