V.V Jose Kallada selected for Dr. Sukumar Azhikode Tatvamasi Award 2018-19 in Kathaprasangam

Renowned Malayalam Kathaprasangam artist V.V Jose Kallada has been selected Dr. Sukumar Azhikode Tatvamasi Award 2018-19 for his contribution to literature in addition to his online promotion as well, especially on his birthday today.

VV Jose Kallada selected for Dr. Sukumar Azhikode Tatvamasi Award 2018-19 in Kathaprasangam

Kathaprasangam is story telling, where there will be interesting mixture of story as well as music. Usually, in the olden days, the art of Kathaprasangam was presented with a range of social issues or subjects chosen from the epics of India. In the contemporary mileu, Jose began picking up his subjects from contemporary literature, that became instant hit. For instance, he had chosen renowned Malayalam writer, K.R. Meera’s best seller novel, Arachar (the hangman) as his subject for Kathaprasangam and presented throughout the State with meticulous success. Similarly, Jose has also selected many other novels as his theme, such as Aadujeevitham, authored by Benyamin, T.D. Ramakrishnan’s Suganthi Enna Aandaal Devanayaki, God of Small Things by Arundhathi Roy, just to name a few.

VV Jose Kallada selected for Dr. Sukumar Azhikode Tatvamasi Award 2018-19 in Kathaprasangam

Born in Kallada, Kollam District of Kerala in the year 1960, after finishing his schooling from his village and pursuing college education from Fathima College Kollam and higher studies from Loyola College in Thiruvananthapuram. Jose is holding a post graduation degree in Social Service. He was also the Editor of the Malayalam daily, Maha Keralam, published from Mumbai. Later, he joined Plantation Corporation and he retired as Welfare Officer from the institution last year. Now, Jose is pursuing first year LLB course from Kozhikode Law College. Jose had also written extensively in many publications. What is more, he is also very active in digital media. Currently, Jose is the Acting Chairman of the popular online group, Vaakkanal Trust. From 2011, he is active in Kathaprasangam.

Aadujeevitham, the popular novel by Benyamin, being presented in the form of Kathaprasangam by V.V. Jose.

From debuting into the realm of Kathaprasangam on a stage, Jose had continuously presented his show for eight years. The stories he had presented so far includes, Karnante Bharya in 2018, Kavitha Kane in 2017, Suganthi Enna Aandaal Devanayaki in 2016, God of Small Things in 2015, Aadu Jeevitham in 2014, Araachar in 2013, Swaathanthriyam Ardharaathriyil by Dominic Lapier in 2012, Macbeth by William Shakespere in 2011 and Chenkolum Chenthamarayum by Thirunainarkurichi Madhavan Nair in 2010. For all these famous works, Jose had shaped the story into musical ballard style with is own musical composition.

Suganthi in Kathaprasangam format, presentation by V.V. Jose.

The announcement of Dr. Sukumar Azhikode Tatvamasi Award 2018-19 comes on his birthday is a great tribute to this genius, as he cannot ask for more. The Indian News congratulates V.V. Jose Kallada in addition to wishing him the best for his future endeveaours.