Kerala Nun Rape Case: Mismatch in his statement can cause the arrest of Franco Mulakkal

As Jalandhar Catholic Diocese bishop Franco Mulakkal has told the Kerala police team yesterday that he was innocent in the rape allegation of the nun and he was being targeted by the nun against personal vendetta, the interrogation is continuing for the second day.

Today is a crucial day for the bishop, as the investigating officers have found contradiction in his statements and are ascertaining his statements at present, when the interrogation is still going on in tandem. The message that is emanating from the police sources indicates that if the bishop continues to stick to his earlier statement persistently, then police is not ruling out the option of arresting Mulakkal. Yesterday, the CID officials grilled the bishop for more than seven hours, but Bishop Franco Mulakkal stuck to the same stand. The information the police obtained from the bishop yesterday was ascertained by the police team led by IG Vijay Sakhare. Based on the information, the investigating team is trying to corroborate the statement by the bishop and to expose the contradiction threadbare, as the pressure is mounting on the police and the state government.

പീഡിപ്പിക്കപ്പെട്ട കന്യാസ്ത്രീയ്ക്ക് ഐക്യദാർഢ്യം ഭരണകൂട നിശ്ശബ്ദതയ്ക്കെതിരെ കോഴിക്കോട്ടുകാർ ഒന്നിക്കുന്നു നാളെ (12 സെപ്തംബർ )വൈകീട്ട് 5 മണി എസ കെ പ്രതിമക്ക് സമീപം മിട്ടായി തെരു . കോഴിക്കോട് നീതിബോധമുള്ള ഏവർക്കും സ്വാഗതം

The number of protesters are rising by the day not only in Thripunithura, but in other parts of the state. Popular Malayalam film actor Joy Mathew organised a protest rally in Calicut supporting the nuns at 5.00 PM on August 12 at Mananjira Maidanam in front of the late poet SK Pottekad’s statue.

But Bishop Franco Mulakkal seems to be unfazed and he had already presented the evidences favouring him in front of the investigating officers, who are ascertaining those details as well.

Evidence is crucial

The Kottayam SP, Harishankar had on September 18 said that there is no hassle for the police to arrest the bishop in the light of the latter moving the high court for the anticipatory bail on September 18. The decision to arrest the bishop will be based on the interrogation and the resultant evidence.