Rise Design Art begins first exhibition consisting of rare functional art pieces by Sanjay Kumar titled Inception 2019 in Mumbai from December 6-16, 2018

Rare functional art pieces exhibition by Sanjay Kumar titled Inception 2019 begin in Mumbai  from December 6-16, 2018 organised by Rise Design Art

Rise Design Art presents its maiden exhibition of one of its kind functional art pieces designed by Sanjay Kumar, titled: ‘Inception 2019’ has kick-started on December 6, 2018 at Bombay Arts Society. The functional art pieces by Sanjay Kumar will go on till December 16.

Arun Cherian & Sanjay Kumar at Rise Design Art exhibition in Mumbai

The artist has designed these limited art pieces using versatile material, cane. The master design, intricate engineering and accurate artistry in nature leaves us spellbound many a time. Yet, nature is functional, it transforms and continuously evolves into perfection. The only absolute in nature is change. Nature’s accidents are un-contrived, deeply connected in a rhythm of impermanence, always shape shifting into the new. Rise is a meeting point of science, medicine, design, innovation and philosophy. We celebrate transitions and transformations.

Arun Cherian with Sunita Rao & Mitali Kakkar at Rise Design Art exhibition in Mumbai.

Prosthetic Legs to Creative Art

Rise Design Lab has several years of experience in manufacturing prosthetic legs from medical grade cane from the forests of India. The vestiges of the procedure, that do not find use in their labs have been used to make the exquisite handcrafted art pieces of Rise Design Art, with a vision to ensure zero waste in its unit.

Kim Sharma with Arun Cherian, Sanjay Kumar & Mitali Kakkar at Rise Design Art exhibition in Mumbai.

The advantages of Cane

Cane proves to be a highly suitable structural, engineering material for its uniform cross-section that does away with the need to shear off or scrape the material as in the case of bamboo. Cane enjoys a uniform girth all across its length as it is a creeper that does not have to hold its own weight. This character of cane finds prominence in our futuristic designs and lends a distinct aesthetic value to the pieces. Besides, the team has devised an inimitable method of creating joints and sharp bends in the pieces entirely from cane without the traditional linkages. The lacquer in use to enhance the designs has been particularly developed to last no less than four to five decades despite extensive use.

Javed Jaffrey, Mitali Kakkar, Sunita Rao and Naved Jaffrey at Rise Design Art exhibition in Mumbai.

The functionality of these larger than life art pieces becomes the central character of conversations in this project, where sustainable art steps out of its untouchable glass boxes and interacts with our everyday necessities and ways of living. So whether to rest a worthy derriere or a worthier bottle of wine, stretch weary limbs or brighten up the day, we have assembled a limited edition assortment of dramatic art pieces that are a physical extension of your personality and interact with you to perform presence, inspiring shock and awe. Art that is functional yet has an intense engagement with the owner and the viewer. Art that reminds you to celebrate beauty every day and anyway.

Mitali Kakkar with Bhawna Shah, Head Malaysian Palmoil Council,India Sri Lanka

Artist Sanjay Kumar is inspired by Nature’s asymmetry and performs a personal and heightened awareness of Nature’s dynamic design marvels in his work, what he terms it as Hyper Nature. Nature that metamorphoses into larger than life, dramatic structures that emit wondrous energy, brought to life by the most able and meticulous cane and metal artisans. Designer Sanjay says, ‘Hyper Nature stands as a tribute to the maestro that mother nature is. Even as we continue to be befuddled by her scientific sorcery, our objective has been to reflect a bit of that in our designs.’

Founder of Rise Design Lab, Arun Cherian says, ‘Rise Design Art embodies stories of courage, dynamism, growth, evolution, transformation, surmounting and rising above challenges every time; each time. Our art sales will cross-subsidise the research and development needed for word class solutions at the Rise Design Lab and keep our medical devices affordable to our customers, everyday people around you and me.’

Anuj Jalota at Rise Design Art exhibition in Mumbai.

Rise Design Lab makes high quality cost effective prosthetic legs from cane. Rise Design Art is a sustainable design practice combining specialised engineering and local craft that achieves zero wastage of the non-medical grade cane to create limited edition art.

Celebrities and the glitterati of Mumbai metro who visited the exhibition includes, Mitali Kakkar; Bhawna Shah, Head, Malaysian Palmoil Council, India & Sri Lanka; Sunita Rao, Anuj Jalota, Kim Sharma and Javed Jaffrey.


Brand Custodian: Artsforward

Design: Squares and Circles

Words: Mahashweta Bhattacharya

Images: Swarup Dutta, Vishal Dey

Video: Sajal Banerjee

Space: Horseshoe Creative

Outreach: Six Sigma, Wirality

Advisor: Sonal Motla