IIT Palakkad and UST Global Partners to jointly research in high technologies like AI, ML and Brain-Machine Interface

The students from IIT Palakkad, who specialise in these niche streams will be given internship by the UST Global and based on the openings the IT firm has, will absorb the students

The sprawling campus of IIT Palakkad.

Harnessing the humongous experience in the new age technologies, the Indian Institute Technology Palakkad (IIT  Palakkad) has forged alliance with the US-based digital transformation solutions firm, UST Global. As per the pact, both IIT Palakkad and UST Global will do combined research and development in state-of-the-art and niche technologies that are in great demand including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Brain Machine Interface. As per the alliance, the IIT-Palakkad and UST Global will share synergies in terms of internship and job placement for the students.

The students from IIT-Palakkad, who specialise in these niche streams will be given internship by the UST Global and based on the openings the IT firm has, will absorb the students. UST Global has global footprint and in India, the technology major has solid presence across the regions.

As per the agreement, the students will do research at UST’s Infinity Laboratories for 3-6 months across its locations in India, which are the IT major’s in-house innovation centre, from there all these new age innovations take shape. what is more, GST Global is working on a host of IT firms in terms of building digital innovation capabilities in addition to solving the business issues.

A lion’s share of GST’s clients in the Fortune 500 group, with whom it works on a slew of cutting edge technologies including Design Thinking and Enterprise Computing in addition to the above mentioned streams as well.

Alexander Verghese, GST Global

As per Alexander Varghese, CAO, Country Head, UST Global, the US technology major is aiming at creating an innovation ecosystem with entrenched alliances with the academia and cutting edge start-ups with the further aim of solving business problems.

A pragmatic approach for both IIT-Palakkad and GST Global, the alliance will eventually benefit the students to get just the requisite kind of experience to branch out their career in technology.

Vinod A Prasad, IIT Palakkad

While speaking about the partnership with GST Global, Vinod A Prasad, Dean, Industry Collaboration and Sponsored Research, IIT-Palakkad said, “Our partnership with GST Global’s Infinity Laboratories will immensely help our undergraduate students for the excellent exposure to have first hand knowledge about the technical know-how in the industry in addition to the practical training.

What it more, the alliance will also enable technological innovations that provides solution to the real world problems and further address the future needs of the industry.”