Bedridden Romi Kulthia share the Fairy Tale of Flight Mantra Success

Rag to rich success story of bedridden Romi Kulthia and his flight to success through Flight Mantra

Romi Kulthia: Bedridden Founder of Flight Mantra tells the rag to rich story

For Romi Kulthia, a small time businessman, life was a constant struggle and his world came crashing on his head, when he met with an accident and perennially bedridden. How Romi Kulthia came to be known in the highest business circuit at present as the founder of Flight Mantra is a typical rag to rich story that defies all logic. This is not a mere success story of an struggling entrepreneur. This is a typical story of a person who struggled throughout his life, fighting each passing day and tasting success and the resultant result being an endless success.

Who knows the value of money better than an entrepreneur? A guy who haggles over a small amount of money with his vendors, but travels far to meet his clients. He faces a problem and tries to solve it while others crib.

The shock

Romi Kulthia perfectly fits the profile of a Jugaad entrepreneur. As from a middle-class family, Romi has started his career in school days by selling second-hand mobiles, as wasn’t privileged since childhood because of his missing father and has been reaching the ladder of success as a business owner by running telecom in Australia.

The Australian of Indian origin, Romi’s life came to a grinding halt when he met with an accident and doctor certified him to be paralysed from his Lower part. It all changed one day when Romi was bedridden after his spine surgery he wanted to run some business in the same situation and was struggling for his daily bread hence made him search for online businesses and work and he landed to the marketplace and travel commerce. What’s more, Romi firmed up his mind to run the travel agency from the confines of the four walls of his home. And then, what they say, Romi never looked back thereafter. His target destination was India, the burgeoning land of humongous opportunities.

Flight Mantra

India is an emerging superpower and the land of opportunities. Flight Mantra is a start-up which aims to make flying an experience; an everyday experience for the inflation oppressed economy at large. Flight Mantra has been crafted with the virtues of dedication, reliability, customer-delight, and empathy. Flight Mantra represents the masses and believes in their need for a comfortable lifestyle. Flight Mantra is an air ticketing digital space, launched by Romi Kulthia. Having been avid travellers, those guys who are constantly on the move empathise with the requirement of imbibing ease while booking, swifter cancellation policies and upgraded back-end technology support to handle call volumes. Obviously, these folks do not aim to be the cheapest, nevertheless they aim at honesty in the endeavour.


Rag to rich story of a bedridden first generation entrepreneur, Roni Kulthia and his travel business venture, Flight Mantra.

Things were going rosy for Romi as his friends and family also somewhat approved of it and he started expanding. He forged alliance with a slew of online aggregators and took up an agency from them on the commission basis (and a promise to sell tickets worth a fixed amount) and began networking with travel agents and started generating sales. Currently, Romi is doing fairly well in his business. What is the key takeaways? Romi, while summing up the lessons he has learnt and sharing his key lessons from his journey recapitulates, “There is this three way formula for success, fairly easy to follow, yet, requiring more persevarance to accomplish it, stay focused on your work, never give up and always respect your work.”