International Boxer Aimal Ahmad cautions, “Self Defence, Typical Indian should take seriously”

Learning self-defence supports to prepare you for unpredictable circumstances and aids progress besides improving mental and physical health, says International Boxer Aimal Ahmad

“It might as well be tough to visualise being attacked by a stranger, but it happens every now and then. These attacks happen without any prior notice, and particularly when people least expect it. In cities and towns, these attacks not uncommon. While this sounds terrifying, it is something the typical Indian should take seriously. At least by learning the fundamentals of self-defence, you help yourself from the unsafe and startling situations”, says

International Boxer Aimal Ahmad.

Aimal played has had several bouts both at national level as well as Intenational tournaments. Boxing for Aimal is one of the first and most renowned form of martial arts. Aimal’s strength, fierceness, and practical knowledge in the ring never fails to get anyone who watches his action flabbergasted.

While speaking at the third edition of Pro-Boxing Fight Night, organised by Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation, affiliated to the Indian Boxing Council recently in Jaipur, Aimal said, “Boxing is for everyone, and Aimal strongly recommends it for real-life self-defence situations. Indian women and children need to understand the importance of learning boxing in a present-day scenario. Boxing is the ultimate workout as it toughens you up physically and mentally. It reduces stress. It refines mechanical skills. It is not just about self-defence, it is about the necessity to adopt it for a healthy, happy life.”

Life is a gift. It’s also impulsive. Learning self-defence not only supports to prepare you for unpredictable circumstances but also aids progress, improved mental and physical health. Be hands-on and begin your self-defence coaching today.

International Boxer at the Third Edition Pro-Fight Night, IBC National Title Fight in Jaipur.

“When you absorb boxing skills, obviously, your confidence level will be high. You start trusting yourself and during an unforeseen attack, your skills to defend yourself will come of handy. Whether walking alone at night or travelling in another city, you’ll feel much safer after learning boxing fundamentals. As you move up through the levels, you’ll learn more and more techniques for striking and for situation-specific self-defence. The blend of these aggressive and wary sequences is the decisive form of protection”, Aimal signs off by adding, “I believe in the fact that practice is the key. Therefore, today’s youngsters should be aiming at being more sporty, confident and health conscious rather than leading a sedentary lifestyle.”