Kamal Haasan game to forge alliance with Congress sans DMK

The actor turned politician Kamal Haasan, with the launch of his political party, Makkal Neethi Mandram is keeping his options open. He is trying all combinations and permutations, so to say. Initially, when he launched his party some time back, Haasan had met the Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, who is heading the Left Democratic Front, representing his party, Communist Party of India (Marxist), as many as three times by the end of last year and met Aam Aadmi Party chief, Aravind Kejriwal as well.

This is apparently to keep the BJP at bay. Now Kalam Haasan is exploring more opportunities at the state level to forge alliance with the Congress, provided the latter break ties with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhakam (DMK) led by MK Stalin. With the ruling AIADMK is in total disarray, with the prospect of staging a come back at the next Assembly elections as well as Parliament hustings, being remote controlled by the National Democratic Government led by Narendra Modi of the BJP.

As early as June this year, Kamal Haasan had met Congress President Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi in order to analyse the political developments in Tamil Nadu. So, the media was privy to the talks Kamal Hassan had with these political parties and hence, it has not elicited any surprice. But now, with his statement, coming as it does, that his party, MNM will not be averse to forge alliance with the Congress, provided, if the latter can get out of the alliance with the DMK, which has come as a surprise. Hassan has broadly hinted that he is game to have truck with Congress, if the latter can come out of the alliance it has with DMK in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections is eliciting interest. The actor turned politician launched his political outfit, MNM in February this year. Ever since, Hassan was extensively touring the state and criticising both the ruling AIADMK as well as the Union Government. Yesterday, in an interview he gave to the Tamil television news channel, Thanthi TV, Kamal Hassan categorically said that if the DMK-Congress coalition breaks, then MNM would be game to work an alliance with the Congress for the next year’s general elections. He further said that he need to have a discussion with the Congress in order to ensure that the alliance the MNM will have with the Congress would bring about tangible benefit to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Interestingly, all these while, Kamal Haasan wasn’t critical about DMK and this is the first time that the actor tuned politician had come out in open against the DMK as well. But, he has all the reason to go against the DMK, as the party had snubbed him recently, when the DMK and its allies decided not to attend the all party meeting to discuss the Cauvery issue, proposed by Kamal Hassan. All along, he was critical about the ruling AIADMK as well as the BJP Government at the Centre. Apparently, Kamal Hassan has now decided to take on the might of the DMK as well.

Kamal Haasan had plunged into politics with the launch of his party, MNM aiming at fighting corruption as his main election plank. He had categorically told at the time of launching his party that he will not have truck with any party which is tainted with corruption. “As both the AIADMK and DMK are involved in corruption, we have ultimately decided to work towards throwing out these two parties from Tamil Nadu”, Haasan told the television channel. At the time of launching his party the actor did say that he would stop acting in films and take up full time politics working towards the welfare of his state, nevertheless, he had also hinted at the interview that he was at present, working on the squeal to Thevar Magan, which was a blockbuster movie released in 1992 with a strong caste-based story line.