Tamil film Thambi Release on December 20, 2019

Thambi, the Karthi, Jyothika, Sowkar Janaki, Sathyaraj, Hareesh Peradi, Ansan Paul and Suraj Sadanah starer Tamil cinema is coming to the theatres on December 20, 2019 after the big hit Kaidi.

Tamil film Thambi Release on December 20, 2019

Thampi, the second Tamil cinema by Malayalam film director Jeethu Joseph is coming to the theatres after the big hit Kaidi. The Karthi starer movie is a family entertainer. The thriller has Sathyaraj and Jyothika in the lead roles. Nikhila Vimal is the heroine of Karthi. The other main star cast includes Ansan Paul, Hareesh Peradi, Ilavarasu and Ramesh Thilak. The trailer and audio of Thambi was unveiled at a function held in Chennai in the presence of crew of the film and prominent Tamil film makers.

Speaking at the event, Jeethu Joseph said: “In fact, I was waiting for a good story after my first Tamil film, Papanasam. It was on this occasion that Jyothika’s brother Suraj Sadanah expressed his desire that he would love to act as elder sister and younger brother to Jyothika and Karthi respectively, I was immediately agreeing to make this film so as not to miss the opportunity. Sathyaraj and Sowkar Janaki are playing strong roles in this movie. Govind Vasantha has composed excellent music for Thampi, both in terms of the musical score in the movie and in terms of the background music he had scored. The success of this film is due to the teamwork. All of them have given their best to the film. Thampi is therefore, a family entertainer that everyone loves.”

The Crew of Tamil Film Thambi

While talking about Thampi, Karthi said: “Two years of hard work is behind this movie. I told the director that if Sathyaraj is not there in the cast, let us drop the plan of making this movie. It took us so long for the completion of Thampi after roping in all the actors together. Jithu Joseph is the director who had already made movies casting renowned actors such as Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan. Precisely for the same reason, I was feeling scared in the initial stages.

Surya, Jyothika and Karthi at the preview of Tamil Film, Thambi.

But, contrary to my expectation, we received excellent cooperation, encouragement and camaraderie from the director. As a Director, Jithu Joseph was clear on what he wanted from the actors. Acting with my sister in law was a special experience. I was rather impressed by the attention and enthusiasm she showed for a character. In fact, I never thought, I would do a movie like this with my sister in law. I am glad that I am able to act with her.

CD release of Tamil Film, Thambi

The character of Sathyraj is pivotal and that’s why I said I will not be there in the film, if he was not acting. What is more, there is no other actor in the country who can take up a complex character like Kattappa in Bahubali. I feel glad that after Kaidhi, the release of Thampi is happening. This is the kind of film that you can watch with family.”

Ansan Paul in Tamil Film, Thambi

Surya, while talking about Thampi, said: “Although, I haven’t acted in this movie, Thampi is a movie that is very close to my heart. Stars like Sathyaraj, Jyothika (wife), Karthi (Younger brother) and Suraj Sadanah (Jyothika’s younger brother and Producer – Parallel Minds Productions)) have worked together in Thampi. I am amazed that the short thread of a story had turned out to be such a great movie. I am proud that Karthi has been able to faithfully take up movies like Thampi.

Nikhila Vimal in the Karthi Starer Tamil movie, Thambi.

Both Karthi and Jyothika are talented artists. I cannot weep without glycerin. It was only in the movie, Nanda I was able to cry without the help of glycerene. But, Karthi is acting so fluently the emotional scenes with tears rolling without any external help. I have been observing him up to Kaidhi and Karthi is acting with much ease.

Hareesh Peradi in latest Tamil film, Thambi.

Jithu Joseph is a director who could make a pan India presence with the movie Papanasam to the level of the mega movie, Bahubali. I am glad that he made this movie. The songs in the movie have all come out pretty well. The film too has come along well. I wish the entire crew well.”

Govind Vasantha has composed music for the latest Tamil film, Thambi.

Cinematography of Thampi is by R.D. Rajasekhar, music composition by the music sensation, Govind Vasanth and movie is ready for release during Christmas and New Year on December 20, 2019. Viocom 18 Studios and Parallel Mind Productions’ Suraj Sadana have produced the movie. C.K. Ajay Kumar of Friday Media is the PRO.