Surajgarh Farms in Gurgaon: A perfect village for leisure retreat in NCR

Surajgarh Farms Gurgaon (Gurugram) apt destination for leisure tourism

Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the NCR region? Not far away from the national capital of Delhi, yet, a village in a city, that is Surajgarh Farms for you, located in Gurgaon or the present name, Gurugram, which is also emerging as a popular gateway among holiday mongers.

Surajgarh Farms in Gurgaon is a perfect destination for leisure tourism.

In addition to the world-class infrastructure, this city also offers a wide range of places to visit and things to do. Located within a close proximity to several other prominent tourist destinations, one can also find a wide range of places to visit in Gurgaon (Gurugram). Be it within or around the city-limits, you will always find ample of scenic places to visit in Gurgaon. If you are planning for a trip to this emerging business hub, here is a list that will take you through some of the unknown or least discovered places in Gurgaon.

People living in Gurgaon today are able to enjoy a leisurely ambience found only in villages. This means that such city dwellers can enjoy being surrounded by greenery, being near gentle animals found only in villages, see fowl running freely, and sample wholesome village food only a short distance away from their big city homes.

A Village in the Heart of a City

Surajgarh Farms Gurgaon is trucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In the heart of every Indian, among the most romantic settings in the world is that of the Indian village. Being intimate with nature and living in harmony with it is sacrosanct to most Indians the majority of whom still live in the countryside. Those of us who’ve adopted an urban pace and western mannerisms often still pine to be surrounded by greenery, to gaze upon green fields and smell the sweet fragrance of rich earthy soil. No greater evidence for our love of nature is needed than the understanding that Lutyen’s Delhi is the most luxurious residential destination in NCR precisely because it is the greenest region of NCR.

Replicating a village theme is easy; doing so in the middle of the urban jungle is far harder. In all of Gurgaon, there are probably less than 100 functioning water wells yet access to such wells among the residents of Gurgaon is scarce or virtually non-existent. I believe that the ambience of a village is only truly complete once a village has a functioning well from which water can be pulled using a traditional rope and pulley mechanism. For residents of Gurgaon to enjoy the amenities of a village means having a holistic experience that includes green fields, clean pristine water sourced from wells, seeing fully functional village homes that are constructed using traditional techniques and material.
Most of us who live in Indian cities are only a few generations removed from those who moved from the countryside to the then much smaller Indian cities. Since then the sheer size and scope of Indian cities have changed as has the lifestyle adopted by today’s urban Indians. Hence today there is a real need for many of us to experience the adventure that living in the countryside offers. This is made possible by creating a lively village in the heart of a city such as Gurgaon.

Leisure and Adventure a Short Distance Away

Surajgarh Farms in Gurgaon , Leisure and Adventure a Short Distance Away

When one pictures the most picturesque of Indian village’s visions of beautiful mud huts, fowl, cattle, and simple beasts of burden spring to mind. A setting a short distance away that offers visitors access to such privileges is called for to help us turn our attention back to our roots. In the collective human memory, cities are an aberration, while village life lasted millennia. In addition to offering a leisurely and rejuvenating outing, a village setting also offers additional fun activities, especially for children. At such a site, children may safely engage in activities such as gliding down a zip line or riding in a cart pulled by simple and gentle camel or oxen. Furthermore, at such a village children also enjoy chasing fowl such as ducks into a large lake that serves as the bird’s home. Adventure also beckons those who enjoy motor vehicles as they can practice their hand at driving and manoeuvring a genuine tractor trailer across an open field. It’s much more challenging and exciting than one imagines.

Leisure is Incomplete without a Banquet

Authentic food plays a part in truly experiencing life in a village. Foods such as “sarson ka saag” and “makki ki roti” are staples in the prosperous state of Haryana and are found regularly on household menus in the state. But to truly enjoy such dishes and others at their best demands that the setting where they are served do justice to rural India. This is why a village in a city that offers such authentic cuisine in an authentic rural setting is so precious today.
While there are many places in Gurgaon where an individual or even a family can find time to relax, as a perfect leisure hit destination few can match Surajgarh Farms for its genuine village ambience and the touch of adventure it offers visitors from Gurgaon and from across the NCR.