Jyothika starer Tamil Film Raatchasi official trailer released

The official trailer of SR Prabhu Tamil film, Raatchasi, produced under the banner Dream Warrior Pictures, stared by Jyotika, Poornima Bahyaraj, Sathyan and Hareesh Peradi has been officially released on YouTube today.

Jyotika in a powerful character of a teacher in Tamil movie, Raatchasi.

The official release of Jyothika, Sathyan, Poornima Baghyaraj and Hareesh Peradi starer Tamil film, Raatchasi has been released by the producer SR Prabhu, under the banner, Dream Warrior Pictures. In this flick, Jyotika is enacting the role of a teacher, Seetharani in a Government school, persevering to bring about quality in education.

Raatchasi is directed by the debutant, S Raj. The media has earlier reported that the set of the school worth Rs.50 lakh was specially created. To see whether the protagonist will succeed in her endeavour of bringing about the much needed quality in education, or who will be playing spoil sport and how the denouement will be, the discerning film buffs will have to wait for few more days, as the movie is slated to be released in the middle of June. Hareesh Peradi, with his back to back success in the Tamil movie industry in the recent past, is once again donning the villain’s cap. Will he be different? As each of his films have been different, Raatchasi too will see the kind of acting prowess of this Malayalam actor, who has carved a niche in the tinsel town. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed. The Indian News wishes Raatchasi and team good luck!