Malayalam movie Mohabathin Kunjabdulla release on August 9 2019

Malayalam movie Mohabathin Kunjabdulla, directed by Shanu Samad and produced by Benazir under the banner of Benazir Productions, with Balu Varghese and Indrans as central characters, will be reaching the theatres in Kerala by Showbiz Studio, after its mega hit movie, Joseph, on August 9, 2019 across Kerala.

A scene from the Malayalam movie, Mohabathin Kunjabdulla

Actor Indrans plays the lead role in the film which depicts romantic memories. Kunjabdulla is going to be another milestone in Indrans’s acting career. The gist of the story is that Kunjabdulla, the protagonist, played by Indrans leaves leaves Chala Colony in Thiruvananthapuram years back and works in a restaurant in Bhivandi in Mumbai and comes back in search of his love at age 65.

He travels all over Kerala in search of her childhood sweetheart named Aleema. The film tells the story of Kunjabdullah’s journey from the southern end of Kerala to the northern end. The film progresses by showing the people he encounters and the events that happen through it all. Though there are many films in Malayalam as love theme, Mohabathin Kunjabdulla is different from all of them. The picturesque view of the cities and villages is another highlight of the movie. The movie tells us age is not at barrier when it comes to love. Another novelty is KSRTC, Private Bus and Auto-rickshaw becomes characters in this cinema.

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Posted by Vishnu Unni on Thursday, 1 August 2019

Shanu Samad assures us that Mohabathin Kunjabdulla’s romance is way different from the run of the mill stories that are being churned out in a recurring fashion in the Malayalam films. It’s not just a man’s love journey. The film also tells the social aspects of Kerala through the stories of the person and the events that the man encounters. Abdullah meets a young fellow traveler (Balu Varghese) on a bus ride from Thrissur to Calicut. When they gets to know each other, the duo gets closer. Later, the young man accompanies Kunjabdulla on his journey to find out Aleema. The film is all about the picturisation of their journey replete with fun and suspense, Samad said.

The suspense of the movie lies in the vexed question of whether Kunjabdulla gets to meet Aleema. What makes this movie quite interesting is the fact that even while the film takes the audience through lot of emotional moments, the comic element is pronounced throughout the movie. Another element of surprise is the presence of renowned Malayalam film director, Lal Jose, greasing paint for a change, donning the character of Abdulla.

A poignant scene from the latest Malayalam flick, Mohabathin Kunjabdulla

After acting in the box office hit Malayalam flick, Sudani From Nigeria, the Kerala State Award winning theatre artist, Savithri Sridharan also has portrayed noteworthy character in Mohabathin Kunjabdulla. When it comes to the picturisation of the workers of Mumbai, this is perhaps for the first time that a Malayalam movie is focusing on the plight of Malayalees working in the restaurants. Filmed in fourteen districts, the film has a huge cast.

Indrans, Balu Varghese, Ranji Panicker, Lal Jose, Rajesh Paravoor, Devaraj, Ullas Pandalam, Bini Adimali, Amaldev, Subair Wayanad, CP Dev, Rachana Narayanankutty, Anjali Nair, Mala parvathi, Savithri Sridharan, Sneha Divakaran, Nandana Varma, Valsala Menon, Ambika, Chithra Pradeep and Sana Bappu have acted in this film.

Banner: Bency Productions
Produced by: Benazir
Written and Directed by: Shanu Samad
DOP: Ansoor
Music: Sajan K Ram, Hisham Abdul Wahab, Kozhikode Aboobaker
Editing: VT Sreejith
Lyrics: PK Gopi and Shajahan Orumanayur
Art: Shabeer Ali
Production Controller: Shaji Pattikkara
Makeup: Amal Chandran
Costumes: Radhakrishnan Mangad
Stills: Anil Perambra
PRO: PR Sumeran
Production Executives: Antony Eloor and Abhilash Paingode
Stunt: Ashraf Gurukkal
Choreography: Zaheer Abbas