Aaha Poster Released on Indrajit’s Birthday

The first look poster of the Malayalam movie, Aaha released on December 17, 2019 on the birthday of Indrajit Sukumaran.

The First Look Poster of Malayalam Movie, Aaha released on December 17, 2019 coinciding with the birthday of its protagonist, Indrajit Sukumaran.

Coinciding with the birthday of actor Indrajit Sukumaran, the first look poster of the Malayalam movie, Aaha, by the debutant director, Bibin Paul was released on December 17, 2019 (Yesterday). The poster finds Indrajit and Amith Chakalakkal.

Indrajit plays the central character, Kochu, a tug-of-war player. Shanthy Balachandran is the female leading actor, portraying the character of Mary, the spouse of the protagonist. The other actors who have played key roles included Ashwin Kumar and Manoj K Jayan.

After the phenomenal success of Malayalam films such as Lucifer and Virus, Indrajit Sukumaran is having a great year. For the first time, the actor is doing a film with a theme of sports, leave alone Tug-of-War. Vadamvali, as the game is known in Kerala, is a sport which is being played on an international level and Malayalees consider this sport as their own.

Shanthy Balachandran in the Malayalam movie Ahaa

In fact, both the director and the script writer Tobit Chirayath had done lot of groundwork about Tug-of-War and about the body language of the players as well. Rightly so, the same sense of commitment and research is being reflected on the script as well. This was the trigger point, where Indrajit Sukumaran agreeing to take up the role. When it comes to the choice, Indrajit Sukumaran is very choosy about the theme of the film. Apparently, the crux of the movie is to traverse back into the history of a group by name Aaha Neelor. The film will be shown in the form of flashbacks. Indrajit Sukumaran is greasing the paint on his face on two get-ups. One character is at the age group of a 30 year old person and another one will be that of a 55-year old character. So, the movie will be a litmus test to Indrajit Sukumaranto prove his mettle as a complete actor donning two different get-ups. What is more, physically too, the movie poses greatest challenge for Indrajit Sukumaran as it involves lot of physical activities like the Tug-of-War. C.K. Ajay Kumar of the Friday Media is the PRO