Shaji’s Corner YouTube Channel show of Pashanam Shaji is going viral

The popular YouTube Channel, ‘Shaji’s Corner,’ launched by the cinema actor and mimicry artist Pappanikunnel Thankappan Saju, better known as Saju Navodaya (Pashanam Shaji), has become an instant hit.

Vachakamela Pachakamela, a popular YouTube channel programme, Shaji’s Corner, presented by Saju Navodhaya (Pashanam Shaju) and his wife Resmi is going viral.

The presentation is notable for its novelty and distinctive theme. All the programmes on the channel that spread laughter and thought are about social criticism and life values. However, humour is the main theme of the show, which sets Shaji’s Corner apart from other YouTube channels. Every programme on the channel entertains the family audience by entertaining them with small events. Saju’s wife Resmi is also fully involved in the channel, while the duo are the presenters on the channel. The channel has a range of programmes such as cooking, comedies and short films. The first episode of programmes of ‘Vaachakamela Paachakamela,’ and ‘Surachettai,’ are already out. Saju says that his audience, who likes him, will like his YouTube channel and programes as well. Saju said a portion of the financial proceeds from the channel will go to charity.

Shaji’s Corner, a popular YouTube Channel show by Saju Navodhaya (Pashanam Shaji) and his wife Resmi is a super hit.

Saju is now running various charities on his own. The actor said that the YouTube channel was started with the aim of charity.
Born on October 14, 1977, the 43 year old PT Saju is an a comedian actor in Malayalam films. He is also active in television and stage shows. Known as Pashanam Shaji, the actor forayed into acting through television and then into the celluloid world. He also popular being the participant in the reality show Bigg Boss for the second seas, thus becoming the captain of the house for four times. Hailing from Udayamperoor near Kochi in Kerala, apart from acting, he is also sports buff. Saju enjoys playing cricket and he is also associated with football. His spouse Resmi is a trained classical dancer.

Initially, Saju kick-started his car as an amateur mimicry artist giving stage shows. When senior mimicry artist Manoj Guinness gave him a break in his professional troup, Cochin Navodaya, the actor became known as Saju Navodaya. Known for his skills to mimic the popular Malayalam actors, Saju became a regular perform during stage shows both in India and abroad.

The popular YouTube Chennel, ‘Shaji’s Corner,’ launched by the cinema actor and mimicry artist Pappanikunnel Thankappan Saju, better known as Saju Navodaya (Pashanam Shaji), has become an instant hit

His foray into Malayalam film was Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 in 2014 directed by Mamas. From then on, there was no looking back for the talented actor. Saju acted in a slew of movies such as Vellomoonga, Ivan Maryadaraman and Amar Akbar Anthony. Being part of a gamut of reality shows where he donned the character Passhanam Shaji, that eventually became his stage name. Also, Shaju became a playback singer by rendering a song in the Malayalam cinema, Aadupuliyattam, besides playing a key role as well.

His first film in the lead role of course was Karinkannan released in 2018. Shaju’s forthcoming movie is Panavally Pandavas, where he is writing the script for the first time. The movie is likely to be released soon. He is also the captain of the mimincry artists association fighter, a tam in the Celebrity Cricke Fraternity, a Cricket League that includes film actors, directors, musicians and other stakeholders of the film and television industry.

Shiju Anjumana is the director of the programme, while Joshi Mahatma and Ashlin Thambu are handling the script, Aneez Hameed is the Coordinator and PR Sumeran is the PRO Mob:9446190254.