Trolled girl Hanan Hamid restarts fish business in Kochi in a mobile Tata Ace customised van with her own brand, “Viral Fish”

Hanan Hamid: The school girl trolled on social media platforms for selling fish wearing uniform starts selling her new brand Viral Fish in her mobile Tata Ace customised van

Malayalam Film Actor Salim Kumar inaugurates the Viral Fish mobile stall of Hanan Hamid on December 6, 2018.

The Kochi girl Hanan Hamid, who was trolled on social media platform for selling fish in uniform and raising money in public glare. The harassment she had to face was immense, following a report carried by the vernacular daily, Mathrubhumi on July 25 this year, about the school going girl selling fish at the Thammanam Junction in Kochi, juggling between her studies and survival, Hanan was haunted by unscrupulous elements by harassing her, thus forcing her to put an end to the fish sales temporarily.

Video Courtesy: ANI News

Hanan could not start the fish sales, as she was involved in a nasty accident that impacted her spine and she was hospitalised. She, then became a hashtag sensation on the digital space following the trolling. When the young girl was selling fish to self finance to pursue her higher studies and when the report came on the daily, highlighting her plight and good souls to help her out, instead of coming out with support, actually, many unscrupulous elements started hounding her with trolls for wearing uniform and selling fish.

The place where she left off, after facing public ire, Hanan set up her mobile fish stall in a Tata Ace light commercial vehicle at the very same place, this time lot more confident and smiling. As Hanan did not have a property to name on her own, she was denied loan by the bank. Through a common friend, eventually, Hanan managed to avail a loan and the rest is what they call, history! The girl who stood there at the Thammanam Junction and sobbed, at the very same place, when she came with her new van, beaming with confidence, Hanan got rousing reception from the public.

Yesterday, when she arrived at the Thammanam Junction with her new Tata Ace van, it created a buzz in that vicinity as people started pouring in to watch her sell the fish out of sheer curiosity. Rightly so, the young girl had named her venture as Viral Fish. Malayalam film actor Salim Kumar visited her mobile van and inaugurated her new venture by cutting a ribbon which was tied on the rear of the vehicle. A smiling Hanan told ANI in the video below that the moment her selling fish in uniform went viral on social media platforms, Hanan got a fantastic name of Viral Fish.

Hanan Hamid, Facing her future with great confidence and smile.

Hannan told the news agency that Viral Fish is now a talk of the town. Hanan had customised the van and provided reefer unit inside the Tata Ace so that her stock of fish remain fresh. She has clear target through this business. Hanan says all cut fishes are available on her mobile van and she will extend home delivery to all the apartments in that vicinity. What is more, Hanan is also planning to come up with an App to propel her business into another level. With her innovative approach towards facing life with renewed vigour, Hanan has set a glorious example for other girls to emulate. Her new and innovative mobile fish stall is definitely a big push for her towards chasing her dreams into reality. Hanan even fried few fish pieces for Salim Kumar, who took a bite of it and was so excited. The actor, who was very happy to see her positive smile bought fish worth Rs.3,000 before he went home.