#KavitaYadav Expert of #JiNa-Livingpositively: “Parenting is not a destination, rather it is a journey”

“Parents are not only the primary caregivers of their children but are also their primary educators. As children grow and develop at different stages, it is important for parents to be mindful of those different developmental stages of a child. Parenting is a journey and not a destination. It even continues when one becomes a grandparent with new milestones. Conscious, aware and involved parents do not blame the situations but always work on sharpening, polishing their own parenting skills and tools,” while speaking at JiNa-Livingpositively, a Counselling Institution organised five-day Parenting Expert Programme workshop at its centre in Gurgaon last week, Kavita Yadav, Founder Director and a Certified Parenting Expert of JiNa-Livingpositively said.

Dr. Chinu Agarwal, renowned Psychologist and Psychotherapist and Founder of Feeling Minds organised and facilitated the workshop, which was basically about how parents should connect, bond and bring forth their words in contemporaneous times.

Apparently, there is a need for change in parenting. In the 21st century, the society cannot totally depend on old parenting skills and tools. Nevertheless, parental skills need to be renewed. That was the gist of the workshop. The stakeholders to took part at the workshop included parents, school teachers, gynaecologist and the people who wanted to build their carrier in Counselling.

JiNaLivingpositively and Feeling Minds have joined hands and are contemplating on organising this signature certified Parenting Expert Program every year for parents and other stakeholders who want to know the scientific tools for parenting.

Practical Parenting

While elaborating on the practical parenting, Kavita added: “It is extremely important to understand that every child has his/her own unique personality, identity, nature, skills, capacity to think and aptitude. Mantra for practical parenting is to nurture a child with a healthy mix of warmth and control. There is no shame attached if we visit a counsellor for our daily behavioural, parental or relationship challenges. It’s time to break the silence and speak out.”