Multi-Lingual Short Film Sarbath is going viral on YouTube 

The short film, “Sarbath,” directed by Sooraj Tom, released in Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil is creating waves on YouTube.

Tasting the phenomenal success after releasing the film on the YouTube, soon, the Telugu and Kannada versions will be out, Tom told The Indian News.

Multi-lingual Short Film Sarbath is going viral on YouTube.

This is for the first time a short film is being released in all languages. What sets Sarbath aprt is the relevance of the subject matter and the novelty of the presentation, said Tom.

Badusha, a prominent production controller in Malayalam film Industry, played the lead role in this short film which conveys the message of Quarantine which became a big hit during the COVID-19 era. In fact, Badusha controls the production of most of the Malayalam movies. This is the first time that Badusha is doing a full – length role.

Crew Members of Multi-Lingual Short Film, Sarbath.

The short film, which is only five minutes long, gives the audience a great recognition. Sarbat discusses the importance of being in the quarantine in the context of the pandemic. The quarantine life of the expatriates is the theme of Sarbath, which received critical acclaim all around. Sarbat was released by local superstars in all languages ​​through their Facebook and Instagram pages. This huge star participation quickly caused the film to go viral on social media.

Sooraj Tom and Vivek Mohan, who have made several notable commercials, are the director and script writer cum producer respectively of Sarbat.

Badusha, the protagonist and director of the short film, Sarbath, Sooraj Tom.

Sooraj Tom, who has been working in the advertising industry for many years, has previously directed films like Paava (Toy) and Ente Mezhuthiri Athaazhangal (My Candlelight Dinners). He is currently filming the Web Movie, Better Half, the adaptation of a real story. Sarbat is written by Vivek Mohan, who is a content developer in the advertising industry, Sagar Ayappan is the DoP, Rajesh Kodoth is the Editor, Anand Madhusoodhanan has provided the BGM, Manoj Mathew has handled Sound Designing, Alexis Verghese is the Colourist and R Sumeran is the PRO. Sooraj Tom Productions and Team Medium have jointly had presented the short film in different languages.