Aswini Srinivasan: At 20, the disciple of Dr TK Murthy has carved a niche in the male dominated Mridangam sphere

Mridangam Aswini, a.k.a. Aswini Srinivasan, the disciple of Dr TK Murthy carves out a niche in the male dominated Carnatic percussion arena

Aswini Srinivasan, disciple of Dr TK Murthy carves out niche in the intensely male dominated Mridangam percussion Carnatic Music Horizon

What has Nanganallur, Mridangam Aswini or Aswini Srinivasan and Hanuman in common. Well, the place Nanganallur in Chennai is renowned for its giant sized Hanuman statue.

And Aswini, the 20 year young girl also hails from Nanganallur. But that is not news. But what is news is the fact that the 1998 born Aswini plays Mridangam with such ease and confidence is making the eyeballs turn.

Aswini Srinivasan, disciple of Dr TK Murthy carves out niche in the intensely male dominated Mridangam percussion Carnatic Music Horizon

With her percussion playing prowess, Aswini Srinivasan, also known as Mridangam Aswini has scaled giant stature like that of Hanuman, at a young age of 20. The disciple of Sangitha Kalanidhi, Dr TK Murthy is creating waves in the Carnatic Music circuit with her style of percussion.

The final year B.Com student of Madras University, Aswini Srinivasan began playing Mridangam at the tender age of six under the tutelage of Sangitha Kalanidi and Padmashri Dr. TK Murthy. After rigorous practice, Mridangam Aswini had carved out a niche for herself in the male-dominated Mridangam percussion arena. In fact, Aswini Srinivasan’s innate talent was even recognised by Ramjhi, Founder of Issai Mazhai!

Concerts Galore

Aswini Srinivasan, disciple of Dr TK Murthy carves out niche in the intensely male dominated Mridangam percussion Carnatic Music Horizon

Wonder how many concerts Aswini Srinivasan had performed so far in all of 20 years! She has performed in excess of 1500 Carnatic Music concerts across India as well as overseas nations. Ashwini Srinivasan has also performed in many Taala Vaadya concerts along with her mentor, Dr. TK Murthy and other eminent mridangam vidwans. Also, Aswini Srinivasan had accompanied many great Carnatic vocalists and instrumentalists of the day.

Award Blitz

This percussion genius Aswini Srinivasan has won several awards and accolades right from tender age itself. The Rotract and Rotary Club had bestowed Aswini Srinivasan the Child Prodigy Award 2009. What is more, Aswini Srinivasan is also the recipient of CCRT Government Scholarship. She has also received the International Women’s Association Award 2010, Pogo Amazing Kids Award 2011; Valayapatti Kashyap Child Artist Award, Bhhavan’s Cultural Award from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 2014; also received the title Sangeetha Bhaktha Sironmani from Sri Ragavendra Swamy Temple, Malaysia; Bala Kala Ratna Award 2016 from Baala Kalaa Sagaram Trust; Laya Ganga Title from Sangeetha Kala Peetam Tirupur 2016; Shakti Sadhana Award from Sudhesi Organisation in 2017; Young Maratha Award from Maharashtra Association Chennai 2018; last, but not the least, The Tamil Nadu Government has announced Kalai Valar Mani title on Aswini Srinivasan, which will be conferred on her in 2019.


Aswini Srinivasan has accompanied many an established Carnatic vocalists and instrumentalists. For instance, Ashwini has accompanied Radha Vishwanathan and S Aishwarya, great grand daughters of MS Subbulakshmi at Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam in 2007; in addition to accompanying her Guru, Dr. TK Murthy for Lec Dem and Taal Vaadya concerts. Aswini Srinivasan has also accompanied her Guru for the LEC Deem Concert organised by Sangeet Natak Akademi Delhi this year.

Besides that, she has also performed at Patri Drum Fest along with her Guru Dr TK Murthy and other senior percussionists in 2018. Aswini Srinivasan played jugalbandi with Tabla player, Pandit Anuradha Pal in her Sthree Shakthi band in Hampi Festival (Karnataka) and in Mumbai as well. Also, Aswini Srinivasan has been part of many

Taal Vaadhya concerts and played with Drummer Sivamani, J Vaidhyanathan, Hari Narayanan, Anirudh Athreya, Chandrasekar Sharma, Palakkad Parameswaran; Saminathan Selvaganesh; Trichur C Narendran and Mannargudi Easwaran.

Among other things, the most notable aspect is that Aswini Srinivasan has performed at Music Maestro Ilayaraja’s residence on the occasion of Navaratri Celebrations. Aswini Srinivasan has also accompanied B Kannan, the Veena Vidhwan in addition to accompanying UP Raju and Nagamani for a Mandolin concert at Naradha Gana Sabha. That is not all. Aswini has also accompanied her sister Anjani Srinivasan for a Veena concert at many places like Narada Gana Saba, Krishna Gana Sabha; Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan; Vani Mahal; Brahma Gana Sabha; Vipanchee; Shanmukhanandha Sabha; Chembur Fine Arts Mumbai and more.

Aswini Srinivasan has also been part of the entourage with Ramjhi’s Isai Mazhai Troupe that visited Malayasia.