India-ASEAN InnoTech Summit 2018 New Delhi: India urges scientific community to speed up collaborative research

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Science & Tecnology and Earth Sciences appeal to the scientific community to hasten collaborative research at India-ASEAN InnoTech Summit 2018 at New Delhi

Photo:From (L-R): Nirankar Saxena, Ashutosh Sharma, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Moe Kyaw Aung, RV Kanoria and Yogesh Andlay at the India-ASEAN InnoTech Summit 2018.

Union Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, on November 30, 2018 urged the scientific community in India and ASEAN member states to hasten the collaborative research in science, technology and innovation in order to address the economic and societal challenges being faced by the two regions.”

While taking part at the start of the two-day India-ASEAN InnoTech Summit in New Delhi, Dr. Harsh Vardhan was of the opinion that the time had come for simple solutions for complex issues via innovation. Under the ASEAN-India Innovation Platform around 400 technologies were ready to be commercialised in ASEAN countries, Dr. Harsh Vardhan pointed out.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan

“Therefore I urge the scientific community to pool and share technologies through this platform. India has a lot to offer to the ASEAN countries. New age technologies were being nurtured at the 38 laboratories of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CISR). What is more, in the global list of 1,208 research institutions, supported by government funding, India is pegged at ninth rank. Our mission is to position India into the big league and be recognised among the top three global leaders in science and technology.”

While lauding the initiative, the Minister said that the India-ASEAN InnoTech Summit 2018 should be an annual with the takeaways and learning in addition to that the Government will continue to extend its support for the same in future as well.

Ashuthosh Sharma and Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

DST Secretary, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, said that Science and Technology was a new dimension to the strong India-ASEAN cultural bonds and complementary economic and political systems. The need of the hour was to scale up collaborations in nanotechnology, advanced materials and biotechnology, he said.

Prof. Sharma added that the ASEAN-India Innovation Platform (AIIP) was a major element of the enhanced the ASEAN-India S&T Development Fund (AISTDF), which is a part of ASEAN-India Science & Technology Collaboration.He applauded that the India ASEAN innovation platform which was launched four months back by DST and FICCI has already received more than 1.5 million hits. The AIIP comprises social innovations, product and processes innovation generated by industry and research innovations from the academia and R&D labs. He called upon innovators in ASEAN countries to explore the numerous opportunities available in India and build partnerships for the common good of the people in the two regions.

Moe Kyaw Aun

Moe Kyaw Aung, Ambassador of Myanmar to India, said that the time was ripe to share the best ideas and build powerful networks between the scientific community of ASEAN and India. He called for creating sustainable national and international Innotech projects to build a continuous and dynamic science revolution.

Moe Kyaw Aun and RV Kanoria.

R.V. Kanoria, Past President, FICCI and Chairman and Managing Director, Kanoria Chemicals and Industries Ltd., said that the two-day summit is being attended by S&T advisers, experts, institution heads, companies and entrepreneurs from ASEAN member states. More than 60 ASEAN delegates from industry, academia, government, bilateral and multilateral agencies and associated establishments that constitute the ecosystem for innovation-led technical and economic development are attending the first of its kind innovation and technology summit in India.

Nirankar Saxena.

Nirankar Saxena, Deputy Secretary General FICCI in his address mentioned that in this 21st century technology and innovation should create welfare for common man. India and ASEAN member states should aspire to replicate successful models in each other’s region.  Concluding the inaugural Yogesh Andlay, Co chair FICCI startup committee and Co-founder, Nucleus Software Pvt. Ltd. Expressed that such platforms give a boost to the culture of innovation across sectors. This is an opportune platform where technology innovation and academia are meeting.