Suraasa launch two UK-accredited qualifications for teacher empowerment in India

The teacher growth-focused educational technology platform, Suraasa, has announced the launch of two new UK-accredited qualifications for teacher empowerment in India.

These qualifications support the recently launched competency-based education policy 2020, with the objective of improving the quality of teaching. ‘Certificate in Teaching (Assessment & Evaluation)’ and ‘Award in Teaching (Online Teaching & Learning)’ by Suraasa are both the UK level six qualifications.

Due to the changes in the education system and a huge demand for skilled teachers in India, most of the people of this community have started looking for ways of reskilling. There is a dearth of teachers equipped with high-quality pedagogy skills. Being committed to bridging this gap, the firm has taken lot of efforts in terms of preparing in excess of 3,000 teachers in a time span of just 15 months. Almost 96% of the teachers who undertook Suraasa programmes are either teaching in the top international schools or are currently training to actively pursue their dream school employers.

The ‘Certificate in Teaching’ (Assessment & Evaluation) qualification by Suraasa supports the Indian government’s vision of improving the current assessment system, based on rote memorization skills, with a one that tests higher-order skills such as analysis, critical thinking, and conceptual clarity. It empowers school principals and teachers with skills that enable them to build measurable assessments and evaluation frameworks as per the diverse needs of their students.

The ‘Award in Online Teaching’ qualification, on the other hand, supports the country’s need for a strong online education system during the ongoing Covid-19 situation. This qualification aims to equip teachers with the skills and technical knowledge required to engage with students easily and teach effectively in a digital classroom.

Suraasa launch two UK-accredited qualifications for teacher empowerment in India.

Rishabh Khanna, the Founder, and CEO of Suraasa shares his views about the launch: “Thousands of Indian teachers have shown interest in Suraasa’s programmes in the past few months. It shows the clear need for skill-based teacher programmes in India. Further, many schools and EdTech companies have shown their interest in collaborating with Suraasa. They want to hire our skilled teachers due to our learners’ success in different classrooms worldwide. The two new qualifications look way ahead of the time as they deliver the expectations of the revised assessments. The qualifications derive their merits from our 10-month UK level 6 qualification, whose impact is resonating globally, and we want to deliver the same experience to every teacher who is leading a classroom in India.”

Suraasa is planning to launch 35 more programmes in multiple delivery formats. The objective is to empower every teacher with the skills of the 21st-Century that can enable them to perform better in the classroom and consequently, grow faster in their careers. Launched in 2017, Suraasa is a teacher growth-focused ed-tech platform. Teachers join Suraasa to earn internationally accredited qualifications with world-class practical pedagogy skills, get jobs at premium international schools, and bag faster promotions. Suraasa partners with schools as well so as to invite them to hire Suraasa-qualified teachers at zero cost.

It is an impact-focused upskilling initiative, addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #4 of Quality Education and its target to increase qualified teachers in developing nations.

Suraasa has a strong presence in India and the UAE. The company’s founding team has bagged the Best K12 Teacher Training Institute award in India for 3 consecutive years in 2015, 2016, and 2017.