Have you heard of having a Living-In Relationship with a car? Then own a car, Rev it, the Revv OPEN Way!

Revv OPEN allows aspiring car buyer to get a brand new car of your choice, without paying either down payment or road tax


Enterprising Entrepreneurs, Anupam Agarwal and Karan Jain, the brain behind innovative products of Revv, Open and Switch.

Revv OPEN allows wannabe car buyer like you to get a brand new car your choice, without paying either down payment or road tax. Is that impressive? Then read on. Revv, the Delhi-NCR based shared mobility platform, has announced the launch of its latest offering, Revv “OPEN”, which is a completely new way of owning a car, sans any commitments or hassles of ownership. With Revv OPEN, the firm wants to make cars more accessible by solving the pain-points that traditional car purchase entails.

You Choose Your Partner

The innovative business model of Revv, OPEN will make your jaw wide open!

Revv OPEN allows wannabe car buyers like you to get a brand new car of your choice, your partner, sans spending a dime on down payment or on road tax. You will pay only a monthly fee, for any duration between 12-48 months, with an option to return the car anytime in the interim. And that is not all. You also have the option to acquire the car from Revv. The product is available in six cities to start with, such as Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata, and 25+ car models are on offer, including those from all leading OEMs like Hyundai Motor India Private Limited, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Mahindra & Mahindra, Nissan Motor Company, Tata Motors, Toyota Kirloskar India, Honda India and Ford Motor India. What’s more, Revv Open will widen its footprint in another nine cities by the first week of December 2018.

Short Term Fix

For those you, who are looking for a short term fix, Revv Switch is the best bet. Launched in May 2017, the Revv Switch is a monthly car subscription product. While Switch is focusing on serving users whose needs are short-term, say a two or three months, Revv OPEN is for those of you aspiring car buyers who loath the baggage that comes with the purchase of a car for the repayment commitment of 3-6 years, or for that matter, if you are deferring your car purchase, thinking of the burden of paying hefty down payment and road tax, or if you are averse to the tedious and largely offline process of car purchase, finance and maintenance, the monthly fee will include maintenance, and Revv will provide doorstep pickup and delivery service for maintenance needs of OPEN users. And you can’t ask for more.

At Your Convenience

Switch your car with Revv Open and Rev your Car and Revel!

When asked the co-founders of Revv, the ex-McKinsey Executives, Anupam Agarwal and Karan Jain about the product, they told your website, The Indian.News, “A year and a half back, we had introduced Revv Switch, which was Asia’s first multi-brand car subscription product. The feedback from its users gave us fresh insights, which helped us craft this innovative product, Revv OPEN. As the new-age patron is mobile and has dynamic preferences, with a rapidly evolving lifestyle, a product that lets you get a brand new car, without tying you down to it, and with the flexibility to own or return it at will. Flexibility and affordability are often tough to combine, and OPEN is truly unique in the way it achieves both, in the context of brand new cars. It is an attempt towards making cars more accessible, without the worry of debt. Another important aspect of OPEN is the fully online process for getting the car and also for maintaining it. A growing segment of users wants to get everything done online, and OPEN achieves exactly that. It takes the process of car purchase-finance-maintenance online, creating efficiencies that make the product affordable.”

Doorstep Delivery Concept

Revv, set up by these young duo in July 2015, at Delhi-NCR, the new-age firm has focused on innovation, continually challenging the status quo in self-drive mobility to suit it to the Indian consumer.

Revv is India’s fastest growing self-drive car company that combines a wide variety of cars at unbelievable prices with unrestricted driving and dedicated concierge for the delivery as well as return of your favourite cars. At its inception, Revv introduced the concept of doorstep delivery in car sharing and followed it up with other innovations such as instant booking. It is currently amongst the largest car sharing platforms in India, and amongst the highest rated apps in the automotive horizon, globally.

Revv is amongst the largest shared mobility platforms in India with its presence spread across in 15 cities, serving more than 400,000 users. Furthermore, Revv delivers cars to the users’ doorstep, and users can return them anywhere in the city, or even in a different city. Revv is also behind several other innovations, including launching India’s first car subscription program – “Switch.”

Product Blitz

The innovative entity, Revv had recently secured Rs.100 crore in a Series B funding round led by Hyundai Motors. Revv’s existing investors Edelweiss and Beenext also participated in the round, with new investors Dream Incubator, Sunjay Kapoor of Sona BLW and Telama Investment. With sufficient fund in their kitty, these innovative entrepreneurs, Anup Agarwal and Kiran Jain will come up with more innovations, going forward. Wish them good luck!