“Sarathkala Sandhya”: New Malayalam semi-classical musical album rendered by Sharreth and Mathangi Ajithkumar released

A new Malayalam semi-classical album, Sarathkala Sandhya, rendered by the renowned music composer and vocalist Sharreth and upcoming female vocalist, Mathangi Ajithkumar was released on November 16, 2018. For the first time in the Malayalam album genre, Sharreth had rendered a song holding the breath for 28 seconds. In fact, it bettered the record created by KJ Yesudas, in the song, Harimuraleeravam, in which the he rendered about 21 seconds holding the breath. In fact,  Sharreth being a busy musician on his own right, showed the magnanimity and agreed to sing for the vocalist and music composer, Vijayakumar Chambath.

Vocalist Sharreth with music composer, Vijayakumar Chambath.

Hailing from Palakkad, Vijayakumar is now living in Chennai. He regularly takes part  in the musical programmes in Tamil television channels and was dabbling in music composition for few albums. When Vijaykumar was wanting to make a Malayalam semi-classical album with Sharreth as a vocalist, he was not sure whether the latter would agree to it. Vijayakumar rendered the same song by holding his breath for 28 seconds to finish the sustain and send it Sharreth, the down to earth musician had in fact agreed to record this song after hearing Vijayakumar’s rendition and composition. Within a month Sharreth finished the recording with Mathangi. Vijayakumar, who adores Sharreth, considers this success as a dream come true, a life time achievement. Vijayakumar was all praise for Sharreth and his big heart to agree to render a song for his music composition. His cousin, Vithinassery Madhusoodhanan, who is a music teacher and an excellent percussionist (Mridangam and Tabla) was of great inspiration to Vijayakumar.

In this music video, Sharreth has lend his voice and the music composition and orchestration is by Vijayakumar Chambath, another accomplished singer. Another unique aspect of this video is that the lyrics was written after the music composition got over. Vijayakumar is in cloud nine as he could rope in a vocalist of the stature of Sharreth for his music album. The lyrics is by Dhinesh Kaniyattil and recorded at D9 Studio in Chennai, mixed and mastered by Shyam Mohan. Both Vijayakumar Chambath and Mathangi Ajithkumar are from Palakkad.

The orchestration, along with the mellifluous rendition of Sharreth and the young Matangi is lilting along with memorable lyrics. The video, which is already posted on YouTube is attracting lot of music aficionados. Wish more videos come from this bunch of talented artists in the coming years.