Rapido Bike Taxi Services Launched in Mumbai for Rs.6 a kilometre fare

The largest bike taxi platform of Rapido has launched its first bike taxi service in Mumbai today for a competitive fare of Rs.6 a kilometre.

In the metropolitan city of Mumbai, which is also the financial capital of India, what with the city bursting from the seam, commutation is always a big issue.

Rapido Bike Taxi Services Launched in Mumbai for Rs.6 a kilometre fare

Rapido is filling that void by allowing Mumbaikars to book bike taxis for their everyday commute from the comfort and safety of their home! What is more, the first Bike Taxi major in Maharashtra is also aiming at making first and last mile connectivity for its patrons and captains (driver partner) in Amchi Mumbai, convenient as well as easily accessible.

Competitive Fares

Eyeing big volume of business, Rapido has kept the fares under tight leash, so to say, as the company has only priced just Rs.6 a kilometre fare, thus making it the most affordable everyday commute option for the health conscious citizens of Mumbai! What’s more, there is also this introductory offer for the Mumbaikars, the bike taxi firm is offering up to 50% off on the first ride!

Aravind Sanka, Co-Founder of Rapido.

Speaking at the launch of the bike taxi service, Aravind Sanka, Co-Founder of Rapido said: “The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic gave us an opportunity. It left almost eight million daily commuters of the Mumbai travel looking for alternate mode of travel. As the city builds back from COVID 19, there is a demanding need for an accessible, affordable, and safe everyday commute option. We believe, Rapido with it’s innovative and successful model will be able to address that need.”

Furthermore, Rapido also offers local youth in a city it operates in, an earning opportunity, across it’s 100+ city presence. In Mumbai, Rapido has on-boarded 2000 Captains to kickstart the operations.

“We plan to provide earning opportunities to the youth of Mumbai. In the next two years, we aim to onboard 2 Lakh Captains onto Rapido’s bike taxi platform,” Sanka said.

Slew of Initiatives

Rapido recently announced several initiatives towards maintaining safety and following guidelines to protect the customer and the Captain, including the innovative Safety back shields for bike taxi rides. The captains are expected to sanitize and clean the seats and all customer accessible areas, post every ride, along with mandatory usage of masks during the entire ride by the Captains and the passengers. The company also introduced new policy support where the company provides free cancellation if Captains or customers are without a mask. All that the patrons have to do is to download the app, log in to their account and book a Rapido Ride, through their iOS/Android phones. Download the app on iOS/android, login from your account, and start booking. Once booked, the amount and captain details appear on the homepage and our captains are at the pick-up location in no time. To ensure your safety, our captains carry an additional helmet which is given once the captain arrives and at no additional cost. Your safety is of the utmost importance to Rapido.
“With Rapido around, let’s keep the traffic excuses at home and explore our cities,” he added.