The Brijesh Pratap Malayalam Short film, “Eye” deals with a web of contemporary issues and bags several awards

Can you possibly imagine the scenario where you are making a short film with as many as ten rookie actors who had practically never been in front of a camera? Well, that is what the young film maker Brijesh Pratap did in his short film in Malayalam, “Eye” which bagged several awards.

Generally, a short film will revolve around a single contemporary issue, where the director concludes the film with a sound message. Contrary to conventional thought, here is an young director, Brijesh Pratap, who is also the producer of “Eye”, the Malayalam short film had hand-picked a slew of contemporary issues that are impacting the civil society in a mind-blowing way.

Brijesh Pratap

The short film has bagged a slew of awards and made entry to many film festivals. Before getting there, let us see how the drama unfolds in the short film, Eye. The opening shot is on a middle class apartment with an old world charm. A visually challenged adolescent girl and her mother live in that apartment. Many families live in their neighbouring apartments including youngsters and the story unfolds and shows how their lives are inter-connected. At the outset, one will get an impression that Eye is a typical suspense thriller, nevertheless, when the plot unfolds, a gamut of social issues crop up, leaving the viewer sit back and think.

Eye is a 15-minute long short film in Malayalam, where Brijesh had roped in a slew of film buffs and the not so professional, yet very creative faces that had made the short film a big draw. Released in April last year, Eye has won many awards, the latest being the film’s entry into 6th Siliguri International Short and Documentary Film Festival in West Bengal on November 13-16, 2018.

The movie revolves around the protagonist Nayana, the visually challenged teen-aged girl and what she hears, experience and comprehend is the gist of the story. Contemporary issues that are plaguing our society, which includes rape, domestic violence, physical abuse, house-breaks, moral policing are shown in the movie, faced by the families living along with Nayana. The insensitivity of the society in not reacting to these issues are brought out in a subtle way by Brijesh in his film, Eye.

While elaborating on the making of the film, Eye, Prathap says, “We had a crew of around ten actors and all of them were amateurs with no experience at all standing in front a camera. Most of the short films are based on a single theme, while we attempted multiple issues happening under the same roof. The issues we have picked up are quite contemporary, relevant and provokes introspection. The message is clear. If the society things it is anybody’s business to find solutions to the present day issues and be indifferent, we are going to face a near peril. It is the collective responsibility to address these issues like moral policing and other such recurring incidents and intervening in a big way to stem the rot. Our message was well accepted and no wonder then, we bagged a slew of awards.”

The Malayalam short film Eye is presented by Valencia Media Court, produced and directed by Brijesh Pratap. The script is by Dileep Kizhur, camera and editing by Subeesh Yuva and the background score is by Bineesh Balakrishnan. The casting is big and the actors include Shilpa Vijayan, Arya Sreenivas, Ail Thiruvambadi, Prashob Meladi, Mithun Payyoli, Prajit, Ranju, Ancy Biju, Jeena Shahbi, Geetha Sreejith and Revathi.


Best Film : (I V Sasi Memorial Award) Bharath Short Film Festival – 2018 

 Best Film Special Jury : Malabar Souhrda Vedi Short Film Festival – 2018 

 Best Direction : Meppayur International Film Festival – 2018

 Best Camera : Meppayur International Film Festival – 2018

 Best Editing : Meppayur International Film Festival – 2018

 Best Script : Samskara Sahithi International Short Film Festival – 2018 

 Best Actress : Oriental Film Fest – 2018 

 Official Selection : Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival – 2018

 Official Selection : Chitrabharathi Short Film Festival, Mumbai – 2018

 Official Selection : Siliguri Short & Documentary Film Festival, West Bangal – 2018

 Official Selection : Pune International Short Film Festival – 2018 ( World biggest short film festival. 105 countries participate, 1111+ films. Eye got 2 nominations best script, best sound design. Fest will be December first week