FIITJEE: Conducts National Level POSAT and POST Examinations

For the first time in India, the FIITJEE, leading institute for Engineering Entrance Examination preparations had successfully held National Level Proctored Online Scholarship cum Admission Test (POSAT) and Proctored Online Scholarship Test (POST) on August 2, 2020.

FIITJEE: Conducts National Level POSAT and POST Examinations.

In fact, FIITJEE is the first institute to hold any test using Remote Proctoring Technology, which is yet another achievement added to FIITJEE’s saga of success. In excess of 15,000 students from different states, towns and even from villages appeared in the test without facing any language or technical challenge.

Students from all corners of India appeared in the test. The children used devices such as laptop, desktop, tab and Smartphone to appear in the test. Students who used mobile devices were also able to appear for the examination smoothly and successfully. Even the test was conducted successfully in the low bandwidth area.

FIITJEE had set up a Large-Scale Help Centre that was available to provide instant support to students. The Entire process was conducted in a very professional manner. The support was well appreciated by students as well as parents. Prior to the examination date, FIITJEE also provided a Mock Test for all the Registered Students so that they could practice and get the real experience of the proctored test. Students were allowed to appear thrice in the mock test. It was a three-tier Proctoring System wherein the first-tier was handled by Artificial Intelligence, the second-tier by FIITJEE’s trained Live Online Proctor (Invigilator) and the third-tier was Post Test proctoring by Examination Supervisor with the help of periodic Images Captured during the test, Video Recording and Click-by-click audit trail of the student.

Proctored Online Test was a replica of FIITJEE’s Offline Test where invigilation of the test was done through Live Online Proctor with the help of AI. Students were supervised with the help of the camera and mike on their gadgets. During the test, students’ activities were remotely recorded and supervised. Proctor got notified if any student was suspected of cheating through a detailed log of suspicious browser activity and audio-visual events that have been recorded during the examination. Proctor was allowed to send a warning to the student at any time through chat very much similar to offline invigilation.  The POST was held for all FIITJEE Classroom Programme students who had already taken admission during the COVID-19 lockdown through Home Based Online Admission Tests. The POSAT was for Class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI,XII and XII Pass students who wished to take admission in FIITJEE Classroom / Live Online Classroom Programme.