Odissi Exponent Sarita Mishra to perform at Samarpan 2019 organised by Nrityaangan in Mangalore on January 19

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul of the Body, says Odissi Exponent, Sarita Mishra

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul of the Body, says Odissi Exponent, Sarita Mishra

Renowned Odissi exponent, Sarita Mishra will perform at the Classical Dance Festival Samarpan 2019, organised by Nrityaangan in Mangalore on January 19, 2019 at 6.15

Grace, beauty and expression and that is Sarita Mishra for you, the unbeatable artist in Odissi.

One of the leading exponents of Odissi Classical Art Form, Sarita Mishra belongs to the rare breed among the new generation of Odissi dancers. An accomplished performing artist, for Sarita Mishra, dance is the way of life from age four.

Her undying and undisturbed passion for dance made Sarita a true artist from a very young age itself. Armed with sublime lyrical grace and her grasp over technical nuances make her Odissi performance very unique. For Sarita, dance is always a beautiful way of communication.

Rightly so, her sincerity, hard work and dedication, which eventually shaped up her journey right from the beginning. Sarita Mishra is firm on her conviction that she
was born to be a dancer.

Graceful and elegant Odissi Classical Music performer, Sarita Mishra.

Right from an young age she was identified as a dancer. “Dance is like my better consort,” says Saritha Mishra, who always struck a balance between grace, emotion and  techniques.

All these qualities had fetched her rich dividends and Saritha Mishra earned several laurels and accolades from the art critics all over the world.

Despite being very bright in academic pursuits, Sarita Mishra chose to be a struggling Odissi dancer. She was a child actress too, but Sarita’s focus was on only dance and hence left that career as well. Saritha Mishra was also a teacher in a renowned school in Indore and she was even rewarded Best Teacher of the year for two consecutive years.

Practice Maketh a Woman Perfect, says Sarita Mishra, the exponent of Odissi.

Sarita Mishra is a passionate writer, as she started writing poems in Odiya at a young age itself, a passion she pursue till date. Sarita Mishra loves to blend tradition into modernity. She is traditional when it comes to pursuing her passion of Odissi, at the same time she is also modern, living in the metro of Bangalore.

Performance sans practice is akin to committing a sin, says Sarita Mishra, Odissi exponent.

A talented singer that she is, Sarita Mishra can render songs with pure Urdu and Hindi dictions. Also a polyglot, Sarita Mishra, apart from English and her mother tongue of Odiya, she is equally at ease at Bengali, have a working knowledge of Kannada and Spanish. Her career spans more than three years and Sarita Mishra has carved a niche for herself in the performing art of Odissi, due to great perseverance and strict discipline.

During this journey, Sarita Mishra has been performing on varied platforms at both national and international arenas.

Sarita has to her credit, in excess of 1600 stage performances in addition to her involvement in imparting training to scores of students. Quite a large number of students Sarita has trained so far. She is also instrumental in promoting and creating awareness about Odissi in many rural villages across the country by working closely with the government schools.


Sarita Mishra received training under Guru Niranjan Rout in Guru Debaprasad Das Style for the initial two decades and after that the rest of the 14 odd years she is learning the finer nuances of the dance form from Guru Bichitra Nanda Swain in Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Style.

Grace sans performance is an anathema to performing arts, says Sarita Mishra, Exponent of Odissi Classical Dance.

An empalened Artist of ICCR and Spicmacay, Sarita Mishra is also the Graded Artist of Doordharshan. A recepient of National Junior Scholarship for a decade, she has also trained and guided students of different generations.

Sarita Mishra is now the Creative Director of Adyasha Foundation, an Odissi Institution based in the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore. Sarita Mishra teaches pure Odissi dance and hosts Classical Dance Festivals twice a year, showcasing eminent dancers and young talents of all Classical genres.

Sarita Mishra worked hard to learn the ropes of Odissi in its purest form.

Sarita Mishra has also been involved in creating new compositions both in Odiya as well as in Kannada languages for her own Odissi performances and also for her disciples.


Sarita Mishra had performed in many international arenas. She did a performance cum workshop at Argentina, Lima, Trujhillo and Bolivia since 2015, the latest being last year. Sarita also had performed Odissi concert in Kischner Cultural Centre in Argentina on two occasions, one in 2016 and another in 2018. Last year, she also performed in Mukteshwar Festival in Odisha and Kinkini Festival in Bangalore. Her other performances include, Mardol Festival at Goa in 2017; Cultural Centre Borges in Argentina and ICCR Cultural Centre, Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2015 and 2017. Also she performed in Centro Cultural CCORI WASI of the Ricardo Palma University at Lima in
2017; Odissi performance at Biblioteca Nacional DEL at Peru in 2018; performances at Stockholm (Sangeet Conference, 2016), Croatia and Portugal in 2016 in addition the performances at 25 cities all across the US back in 2014.

Beauty, Commitment and Dedication are key ingredients to gain knowledge in performing arts, says Sarita Mishra, the exponent of Odissi Classical Dance.


Sarita Mishra has received several accolades for her contribution to the growth of Odissi Classical Dance. She received appreciation from Ohio, Nashville, Chicago and Maryland in the US. Besides that, Sarita Mishra also received Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Excellence Award 2018 Bangalore; Rithadevi Excellence Pune; Kalayogi Award 2016 from ICCR Bangalore and Aekalavvya Award Bhubaneswar.

Perseverance always has rewards, says Sarita Mishra, exponent of Odissi.

Sarita’s mission is to contribute to the evolution and popularisation of Odissi dance globally. About her future plans, Sarita says, “I keep thinking and I keep planning. So, there are lot of future plans in store. But, the core plan of my artistic life will be always to make and the Odissi dance to all those places in the world, where people do not have an iota of exposure or awareness about it.”

What kept Sarita Mishra going…”Well, since my childhood, I always wanted to do things with perfection, be it tying the lace of the shoe, or for that matter, writing or name anything, I always wanted to do things perfectly. So, perfection was something that always kept me going, that is working for perfection. When I was a child, I was dancing out to my heart’s content. But, when I grew up, I realised the intricacies and I wanted to reach that level of perfection in my dancing and that always kept me working harder. What I feel is that the thirst to know more to drown myself into the ocean of dance, to involve myself more and to express with myself more.
That was the fire I always had and I guess that was thing that always helped me to overcome all the obstacles and all the difficulties that came into my journey.”

Who inspired her the most. “Actually, many people are there who inspire me. I think, every single person who have excelled and achieved success in their respective fields through sheer hard work, they actually inspire me, irrespective of age, whether they are younger to me or older, it doesn’t matter. And, especially those beautiful dancers who strike a beautiful balance between their professional careers and their families as mothers, as wives, daughters and daughters-in-law, they
actually inspire me because as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a daughter-in-law, actually is a big challenge to balance both aspects of life beautifully.”

The new generation performing artists are lot more intelligent, nevertheless, they should learn the craft with dedication, says Sarita Mishra, Odissi exponent.

What advice does she have to give to the new generation artists. “Today’s generation is actually they are more intelligent, brighter, sharper and more talented. So, my little word to them would be that whatever is your dream, follow them, follow them with utmost sincerity and hard work, humility, your dignity and grace because that is what is going to take you a long way. Strive for excellence and live your life with it,” Sarita Mishra points out.

What are her current plans? “Lot of current plans under process. Once it is firmed up I will be happy to share.” When it comes to her family, Sarita Mishra is married to an army officer, Lt. Col. Uttam Kumar Rath, who took his voluntary retirement in 2017 and now working with
DELL in Bangalore. The couple have a daughter, Sai Srishti (Rhiya), who is a Seventh Grader in Delhi Public School (East).

Rhiya is also a passionate singer who renders songs in four languages such as Hindi, English, Korean and Japanese. They are a compassionate lot and had adopted another girl, Mansa when Rhiya was just one year old. The couple adopted Mansa due to the latter family circumstances. Mansa is assisting Sarita Mishra in her Dance School and in her career as well. “I adopted Mansa when Rhiya was one because her situation was very difficult. Both my daughters are passionate dancers of Odissi. Now Rhiya is 13 and Mansa, her elder daughter is
22 years,” Sarita Mishra signs off.