Jasmine Liyakhath: Widow from Kerala becomes proud mother of Five Doctors

Widow mother from Kerala, Jasmine Liyakhath perseveres to make her five children doctors

Years ago, after losing her husband, LiyakhathAli Khan, Jasmine from “Nishara” Haripad was clear about one thing in her mind.

Out of their five children, at least one child should be educated and made a doctor. Loads of financial encumbrances, Court Order to attach whatever little property that was there looming large, the family of six were struggling for a square meal.

Jasmine Liyakhath wearing a smile despite all adversity.

Amidst of all these turmoils, the very thought of realising her dream was at a great distance. But destiny had something else in store for Jasmine and her children. When Jasmine’s fourth son, Zulfikher joined the MBBS course this year, she is in cloud nine by becoming a mother of five doctors under the same roof.

Her deceased husband was a heart patient. When he had massive heart attack, although Jasmine rushed Liyakhath to the nearby hospital, he got medical attention late for want of a Cardiologist. Subsequently, he passed away, leaving his wife and five children literally on road.

From (L-R): Zulfikher-Jasmine-relative-Jesna- Ziyana-Akbar-Shesna

The bank loan Liyakhath raised for setting up Ice factory of Rs.12 lakh later became a liability of Rs.15 lakh and that was the time he died of heart attack. The court stuck the notice of attachment of the property on the front door Jasmine’s house. The couple’s eldest daughter Ziyana was in Class IX then and her sibling, Jesna was in Class II. The rest of the kids, Shesna, Zulfiker Ali Khan and Akbar Ali Khan were less than three years. Without a job or income on her own, Jasmine felt that she was fast slipping into quicksands. When her husband was alive, the girl children were sent to Convent school. When Jasmine was not able to pay the fees, the school authorities sent the girls out. Ziyana was enrolled in the Government Boys School (those days for plus 1 and 2 girls were enrolled). The rest of the four children were admitted in the Orphanage in Perumbilaavu, Trishoor.

From (L-R): Shesna-Jasmine-Jesna-Friend-Ziyana

In 2002 Kerala State Medical Entrance Examination, Ziyana passed with 161st rank and joined MBBS course at Kottayam Medical College. Young Ziyana got her fees and books from various philanthropists. After completing her post graduation in Anaesthesia, Ziyana is currently pursuing DM in Critical Care Medicine in Apollo Hospital Chennai. Jasmine’s second daughter Jesna is pursuing MBBS in Kollam Travancore Medical College, while her third daughter Shesna has completed her BDS in Delhi Dhyanpur Medical College and she is right now doing house surgency there. Jasmine’s son Zulfikher is pursuing MBBS first year in Kollam Azeesia Medical College and her last son, Akbar is pursuing his second year BDS at Srinivasa Medical College, Mangalore. Zulfikher met with an accident when he was studying in Plus I and that is how Akbar overtook his elder brother.

Jasmine with her children.

Jasmine had never went with a begging bowl to feed her children. But to make her children study, she would have sought help from at least 1,000 people. Some people helped her while few others made fun of her for being too ambitious to make her children doctors. There were many people who had given gold ornaments to Jasmine to pledge the same in bank and pay the fees for her children. Few others also gave financial assistance on a returnable basis. There are many people who are helping her and her children. Children’s educational loans, plus other financial encumbrances would total up to Rs.75 lakh. The younger boys did not receive educational loans. As her house was attached by a bank, other financial institutions refused to give loan for Zulfikher and Akbar.

Proud mother Jasmine gets civic reception, Kinder Eminent Women of the Year Award for her laudable achievement of making her five children doctors.

Despite all these turmoils, the entire family is in cloud nine that in few years their struggle would be over and all five siblings will become registered medical practitioners. Those children who had to stop the education half way for want of money and finally take refuge in killing themselves should take a lesson from Jasmine and her five doctor children. Amidst all the trauma and frustration, Jasmine stood behind the children like the proverbial rock of Gibraltar and instilled confidence in them to achieve their goals. These five children, who really came up to the expectation of their mother Jasmine should be lauded. Zulfikhar and Akbar are struggling to pay their term fees..and if something urgently had to be done, failing which these two boys’ dream of becoming doctors will not become a reality. Philanthropists and friends..whatever you can do to help these children will be a great service from your part. Akbar Ali khan, Account number: 67308749680 IFSC Code: SBIN 0070086 SBI Harippad Branch