Hareesh Peradi Starer Malayalam Movie “Ice Orathi” all set for release

The Hareesh Peradi, Nirmal Palazhi and Asha Aravind starer Malayalam Movie, “Ice Orathi” is all set for release. Mega Star Mohanlal released the first look poster through his Facebook page recently.

Ice Orathi Movie review poster
Hareesh Peradi starer Malayalam Movie Ice Orathi all set for release.

Written and directed by the dubutant Akhil Kavungal, Ice Orathi is produced by KR Girish and Noufal Punathil under the banner, Bodhi Cool Entertainments and Punathil Productions, while Latheesh Koodathingal is the Co-Producer.

Ice Orathi Movie review crew
Ice Oruthi Team

Ice Orathi narrates the interesting incidents of the protagonist, Kunjunni, who is incapable of changing himself to the changing environment of the city he resides. Ice Orathi is a refreshment beverage which is available in Kozhikode.

Ice Orathi Movie review heroin
Mohanlal Wishing Hareesh Peradi and Team of Ice Orathi after releasing first look poster through his FB page

In addition to the lead characters, others in the cast include Binu Pappu, Thanthoni Director George Varghese, writer cum actor Balachandran Chullikkad, Vijayalakshmi (Nilambur Balan’s wife) Savithri Sreedharan and Neeraja.

Ice Orathi Movie review  movie
From (L-R): Nithin Divakaran, Production Controler; KR Gireesh, Producer; Akhil Kavungal, Director and Noufal Punathil, Producer.

On the production side, Rahul C Vimala has handled the DoP, while Gireesan AC has composed music, Santhosh Varma and the Director Akhil Kavungal has written the lyrics. Editing is by Rakesh Asoka, while Murali Beypore has taken care of the Arts. Nithin Divakaran is the Production Controller, while Nishanth Panniyankara is the Production Executive. Make Up is by Dinesh Kozhikode, Costume by Chandran Cheruvannur, while Jayendra Sharma and Sajith Lal are the Associate Directors. Stills are by Ramdas Mathur, Design by Aswin Babu and AS Dinesh is the PRO.

In a freewheeling Chat with the Editor of The Indian News Jayashankar Menon, the Director of Ice Orathi, Akhil Kavungal shares the details of the movie. Excerpts:

Ice Orathi Movie review
Director of Ice Oruthi, Akhil Kavungal.

TIN: How did you find Hareesh Peradi as the protagonist Kunjunni in your movie?

AK: I happened to see Hareesh Peradi taking part in a Television Channel show I was pretty much impressed by his performance and thought he will be the perfect fit for my protagonist, Kunjunnu. That day’s performance of Hareesh Peradi was way different from the ones I had seen in his films. I found him to be the perfect fit for my character. Without any hesitation I cast him for the role, while I opted Nirmal Palazhi for the role of Palaka, who sold Ice Orathi at the Kozhikode Beach. The Palaka character is totally different one when compared to the characters he had played in Niramal’s previous cinemas.

TIN: Can you talk about the making of this movie?

AK: At the location, all were were very friendly and the bonhomie we shared was great. We enjoyed the days we spent together shooting this film. The performance of Hareesh Peradi has provided me immense energy as a director of this film. When he gave life to the character I had written, Hareesh Peradi acted with such finnesse that it didn’t go beyond or lower than the thread-line I had set. Similarly, the acting prowess of Vijayalakshmi too was outstanding. Even while portraying the role of a bedridden woman, the range of the actor in her is explanatory with her grace. Also, the acting performance of Nirmal should also be emphasised. I got know how much he loved the character of Palaka, when Niramal completed his scenes in single take.

TIN: Did the current COVID-19 related Lockdown impact your film?

AK: Mercifully, before the announcement of the Lockdown itself, we had completed the filming. The impact of the Lockdown was felt during the dubbing. We had to wait. When the Government relaxed the Lockdown, our artists cooperated with us. We recorded the dubbing. The rest of the post production works were replete with hassles because the editor was sitting in Thiruvananthapuram and the work was progressing at a studio in Ernakulam and I was in Kozhikode. Even then we transferred data through e-mail and we managed to do the editing by viewing the scenes online. Somehow, were were able to do the post production work smoothly. Of course, there was a little time lag due to this as we were supposed to complete the movie in late March or early April. We were able to complete the film only now.

TIN: Can you talk about the impasse, which was created by the pandemic?

AK: The whole world is undergoing this crisis and the film industry is no exception. When the mankind who had survived even greater crises will recover from the present imbroglio. The film industry will stage a come back with all its pristine glory.

TIN: What is your take on online platforms (OTT)?

AK: At this time, we see the rise of online platforms like never before. If we see everything in a positive way, we can assume that the artists would get more opportunities in future.

TIN: What kind of release you are looking at?

AK: Discussions are ongoing as to whether our film will wait for a theatrical release or land on an online platform. It’s not just me who have to decide. We made the film to reach out to people no matter what. I believe that if it is a good movie, they will look for the movie on any platform and in any situation.