#myfireworkout: First Open Web Fitness Challenge in India Launched

India’s first open web Fitness Challenge #myfireworkout takes off, second in the series of Firework hashtag challenges that is giving away 1 crore worth of contracts and cash

#myfireworkout: First Open Web Fitness Challenge in India Launched

The much-awaited Firework Creator challenge that went live early August concluded the first #homekitchenchallenge and kicked off its second fitness challenge #myfireworkout today that is being powered by Optimum Nutrition by Glanbia. With more than 200 creators participating in the first challenge, Firework announced five winners- hardcorefoodie, Kunal Khanna, Spirits and Rituals, Dr Linoshka and Susanna who won 500,000 in cash and contracts from Firework worth Rs. 25,00,000 each.

#myfireworkout will select five more creators who will win contracts and cash prizes this week.Over the next four weeks more challenges will be launched and creator contracts worth Rs. 5 crore and Rs. 25,00,000 in cash will be on offer. Christened ‘OpenChallenge’, the competition in the next four weeks will see travel junkies, fashionistas and entertainers put out 30 second short videos on the Firework network to participate and claim their dominance in an otherwise cluttered space. These videos will be then evaluated based on creativity and popularity by the Firework jury and 25 winners will be selected, five from each category. Winners will be announced on the August 27, 2020.

Sunil Nair, CEO of Firework India. Image Courtesy: IANS.

Sunil Nair, CEO, Firework India, said: “The entire series of challenges is being operated in the open web. This is a unique challenge as no one needs to download an app to participate in it. Users can go to any of our partner platform websites and participate. The first #homekitchenchallenge saw unprecedented success breaking industry standards by a long way in terms of metrics. And we are only getting started. In the weeks to come we are confident riding on the trend of OGC (Occupation Generated Content) creators that are emerging in India.”

Perfect Platform

A Silicon Valley based de-centralised 30 second short video platform, Firework, launched this multimedia campaign to engage with India’s vast creative talent pool and build creator careers. With this challenge Firework is inviting occupationally generated content creator’s category focusing on professionals like chefs, artists, small and medium business owners, film makers, florists etc. With Firework, creators need not restrict their visual expressions to an app. A completely ‘for creators’ platform, Firework operates on the key principles of open web and offers unrestricted, organic reach to creators through their vast global network and cross platform partners.

Interactive Story Unit

Firework uses it’s innovative interactive story units embedded across its 140 partner locations and app and its elastic network that allows Firework to place the interactive story units across major publications globally. An interactive story unit consists of a endless scroll of 30 second video stories that appears along side a call to action banner. This innovation allows a brand to engage with its audience in multiple ways that include simple video views to participation in a challenge that they brand identifies with.

Shubh Mukherjee, a film maker and a TEDX speakerentered the #homekitchenchallenge contest early with his beautiful rendition of a cocktail called Michealada and said“While I did not win the competition, I was surprised to see my 30 second video garner over 337,000 views during the competition which is unprecedented in any other platform that I have been in. In addition, the quality of video’s in the competition is of high standards”

Sandeep Arora runs Spiritsandrituals.com and is one of the five winners of the #homekitchenchallenge said “ Delighted that I won my contract and cash prize but besides that my video was seen all over the internet and not restricted to just one platform. I now have my Open Story Page and it gives me a very well rounded presence on digital media. I also have the freedom to get my own brands and monetize my content independently”

Firework have developed a strong “for creator” policy that offers attractive monetisation capabilities and ensures safe environment for creators and users to engage. The platform besides the views based monetisation also offers 33% stream share that is unique globally. Firework is a completely troll free network and uses a three-tier moderation protocol to ensure video feeds that are free of harmful content

Pride Challenge

Firework is also preparing for a Pride challenge focused towards the LGBTQ community. Earlier this year, in June, the Pride march got cancelled due to the pandemic and for the first time the challenge will be played out in the digital media.