Elections 2018: Madhya Pradesh records 74% voting, while Mizoram logs 75% Congress hopeful of sweeping the polls

Election 2018: Madhya Pradesh logs 74% polling and Mizoram 75%, Congress predict victory

In the Election 2018 round up, when the polling ended this evening in Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram, the percentage of votes polled were 74.61% and 75% respectively. The Congress head of MP, Kamal Nath was literally a jubilant man. He told in a sarcastic vein, that a couple of things ended peacefully. “One is the end of election and the other is the end of BJP’s 15-year rule.”

Madhya Pradesh Congress Chief Kamal Nath predicts 140 seats win in the 227 member Assembly. Photo: PIB.

It may be recalled that when the campaign ended, Kamal Nath had given a forecast that the Congress will not only end the rule of BJP in Madhya Pradhesh but also mark a landslide victory by capturing 140 odd seats in the 227 member Assembly. Nath again reietireated after the polling govt over, “There is every chance of my prediction turning true as per the reports I have received”, Nath asserted.

Apparently, the election in Madhya Pradesh was by and large peaceful with no untoward incidents reported. As expected, there were usual blame game and polling was disrupted in few polling booths due to the complaints of faulty Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) as well as Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines, which is not unusual in a country like India with millions of people exercising their franchise. However, the Chief Electoral Officer of MP, VL Kantha Rao had clarified that 1,145 EVMs and 1,545 VVPATs had to be replaced due to technical issues.

Blaming the erroneous EVMs, Kamal Nath had asked the CFO for a re-polling at those polling booths, where voting was suspended beyond three hours or more. Later, Nath justified his demand and said that the voters are not going to get back to the polling booths at the beck and call as they have their own priorities and set out tasks. “Simply announcing that the election will be extended till 9.00 o’ clock or 10 o’ clock is not on, he added.

Election in-charge of Congress, Jyothiraditya Sindhiya demanded EC to extend the time of polling for the lost hours due to technical snags in the EVMs and VVPATs. Photo: Facebook.

Jyothiraditya Sindhiya the Election in-Charge of Congress in Madhya Pradesh demanded the Election Commission to extend the time of polling to make the loss good.

Meanwhile, in the poll bound northeastern state of Mizoram, the voter turnout was slightly higher than Madhya Pradesh at 75% polling reported by Sudip Jain, Deputy Election Commissioner. He said that polling was held in all 40 Assembly seats in Mizoram. What is more, as per EC, there are an estimated 7,70,395 out of which 3,94,897 are female voters. There are 47 classified “Critical” and an equal number of “Vulnerable” centres of the 1,179 polling booths, where polling was held today.