Total knee replacement is the shot in the arm for patients with severe arthritis, says Dr Sharad Kumar Aggarwal

Minimal invasive Knee Replacement surgery brings big relief for severe arthritis patients, says Dr Sharad Kumar Aggarwal

Omwati, Prem Latha and Walia are undergoing total knee replacement surgery at Max Super Specialty Hospital at Patparganj in New Delhi.

Advancements in the field of Total Knee Replacement has become a shot in the arm for patients, especially for those who have become severely disabled due to knee arthritis.

Dr. Sharad Aggarwal

Dr. Sharad Kumar Aggarwal, Senior Consultant – Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgery, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj said, “Surgeries through Minimally Invasive techniques and involving technology, has provided an enhanced pathway for better recovery by providing patients with a better quality of life. We always try to treat the patients of arthritis by non-operative methods such as medicines, physiotherapy, exercises & precautions. However, in those patients where arthritis is very severe and who do not respond to non-operative methods, operation of Total Knee Replacement is a big relief which brings back their back to near normal.” Many such patients have been treated at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj for over the years, giving these patients an improved quality of life. Patients undergoing total knee replacements at Max hospital including Omwati, Prem Lata and Walia bear a testimony to it. These patients often come with additional difficult complications of extreme pain, wear and tear along with severe arthritis. The surgery is more amenable to the minimal invasive approach that leads to faster recovery and a quicker return to full-fledged activities. Patients find their new joints similar to being normal due to the preservation of ligament with normal knee stability.

“Total Knee Replacement technique has extended patients with ease to be operated under highly specialised and advanced methods with a shorter discharge time with negligible pain. This also enables a shorter hospital stay enabling speedy recovery and greater patient satisfaction. This will make sure that the patient will not need to go through the Knee Replacement surgery for 20 years. Operation of Total Knee Replacement made him pain free and completely transformed their lifestyles” Dr Aggarwal added.

Breaking the Myths

Breaking the myths of surgical complications post knee replacement, these gathered patients are a testimonial of leading a better quality of life. The patients present here had severe pain in both the knees and found it difficult to walk even get up on their feet, but after undergoing total knee replacement surgery, all of them are able to walk for up to 5 km without pain and assisted support. The Department of Orthopaedics at Max Hospital, Patparganj provides comprehensive and exceptional orthopedic care to every patient who comes.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

A perfectly aligned Knee not only lasts longer but also the minimally invasive surgery allows a speedy recovery. Post surgery, the patient can start walking as early as 4 hours. Advanced techniques in total knee replacements, provides real- time, 3-D imaging and guides the surgeon’s cuts with accuracy allowing better and precise placement of the implant. Moreover, errors in techniques that may otherwise go unnoticed can be quickly seen and corrected. This is a boon for the patients with deformities around knees, undergoing knee replacement.