Brush with A Beauty “with a Brush”: Anupama PG

Born in a Hayaka Brahmin family in Kasargod District of Kerala, Anupama PG relocated to Bangalore after her marriage. Her father, GK Bhat Poovale is a renowned cartoonist and sculpturist.

In Bangalore, her expression through art have been regularly published in the city tabloids and magazines, where the writers term her as “Kuchada Bedaki” meaning, a beautiful girl with a brush (painting).

Anupama PG: Wonderful painter, passionate about many other art forms.

Loves to wear too many hats at the same time. An excellent painter, she has created her own niche in ceramic mural theme based paintings. Her latest painting series on Lord Ganesha in different colours and moods are a rage among the connoisseurs of art. She is also passionate about Bharatanatyam, although she is still rookie in this field.

The rank holder in M.Com, this amazing talent finds time to take care of her only daughter, Aakanshika, the ten ear young girl, who is also showing inclination to learn dance. In fact, the little angel, who is in class V, who pursuing Bharatanatyam training, along with her mother, who is pursuing this dance form for the last two years.

Her husband, GK Prasad is who is a tech savvy software engineering working in Oracle and he too is passionate about art, craft and sports. Juggling with household chores, pursuing dance training and working vigorously with painting brush to create visual wonders, she loves organic terrace gardening as well. That is Anupama PG for you.

Born in a Hayaka Brahmin family in Kasargod District of Kerala, Anupama PG relocated to Bangalore after her marriage. Her father, GK Bhat Poovale is a renowned cartoonist and sculpturist. Obviously, Anupama drew her inspiration from none other than her father and his exquisite works. In that way, her father was her first Guru.

After shifting to Bangalore too, she did continue with her art and learning different types of art forms from her Guru Shaila Prasad and Muniyappa Pillappa. Over the years, Anupama started creating her own unique signature style in ceramic mural theme based pantings. She also has a Facebook page:, where you can see very intricate arts, unique artefacts and theme based mural paintings.

Most of her works are inspired by nature. Anupama loves to explore contemporary art with a ting of spirituality. The freedom of thought and passion for painting is expressed through the confident strokes replete with bold colours. Anupama’s latest painting series on Lord Ganesh in a slew of colours and moods are appreciated by the art lovers, wherever she has conducted her solo exhibitions.

Some of her ceramic mural paints include Mermaid, Wheel of time, Folk Dancers, Holi Ganesha, Vamsha Vriksha (Inspiring new generations), Chandrakala, God the ultimate dancer and Matsya Nartana (Dancing Fishes). Few of her acrylic mural paintings includes series of Ganesh paintings in different colours and moods, Radhakrishna, Buddha, Devi and more.

Also, Best out of the Waste, she turns trash to treasure by her intricate paintings. Anupama uses sea shells to make beautiful flower vases and mirror frames.

Awards and accolades

Anupama has won several accolades for her paintings such as Prameshwara Pulakeshi Award 2018 from Akhila Karnataka Kannada Chaluvali Kendra Samiti, Bangalore; Nammoora Saadhaki Award from Kartikeya Charitable Trust, Perla in Kasargod District of Kerala for her contribution in the field of art. She is also the recipient of certificates of honour and distinction from People’s Art Foundation at national level for her outstanding and remarkable artwork.

This multi-facted personality, who is also a rank holder for her post graduation, is now learning Bharatanatyam for the past two years from Karnataka Kalashree Vidwan Sathyanarayana Raju.

Every year, Anupama organises art and craft summer camp and art classes in Balbhavan Cubbon Park in Bangalore. Her parents still live in Kasargod. Anupama has held several exhibitions in various places and her works are well received.

Like how she creates magic in each painting, Anupama springs another surprise. She has also worked with Gili Gili Magic troupe as stage assistant for eight years. Globally renowned magician Prof Shankar is her uncle.  Last, but not the least, Anupama is also a polyglot, where she is quite fluent in Kannada, Malayalam, English, Hindi and a working knowledge in Tulu.