Kerala Actress Meenakshi aspires to do roles of modern girl in Tamil films


The young and talented actress from Kerala, Meenakshi wants to do roles of a modern girl in order to prove her talent. She doesn’t want to be stereotypical doing only village lass roles and instead aspires to take up challenging hep roles as well. As Meenakshi is preparing to write her Plus One Public Examination, she had to decline a stream of offers coming from the Tamil film industry.

Meenakshi’s foray into the film industry was a sheer coincidence. Hailing from Kayamkulam, when this young talent was pursuing her 10th class, the film buff just went to see a shooting of the Malayalam film, Thingal Mudhal Velli Vare, directed by Kannan Thamarakulam, also hailing from near her hometown.

Actress Meenakshi

When the director saw the young girl bubbling with enthusiasm and intently watching the shooting and seeing her passion, the director was inviting Meenakshi to do a cameo appearance. To everyone’s surprise, the young Meenakshi proved her talent by acting like professional that too remembering the dialogues and completing her portion in a single take.

Committed actress Meenakshi looking for meaty character roles.

Seeing the rookie perform like a seasoned actor, Meenakshi received profuse praise from not only Kannan Thamarakulam but also the hero of the movie, Jayaram, who was mightily impressed by her acting skills and blessed her. And Jayaram’s blessing did not go in vain.

Multi-facted actress Meenakshi to mesmerise the film buffs.

Tamil film Director, PG Muthaiah, who worked on the debut film of Shanmuga Pandiyan, son of actor turned politician, Vijayakanth in the film Madurai Veeran, he was actually scouting a new face with immense talent. The director visited Kerala and did screening test on many young aspiring actresses, subsequently, Muthaiah decided to cast Meenakshi on the lead role.

Meenakshi set to unsettle established female actresses

That was another big turning point for young Meenakshi to prove her mettle. Her acting skills in Madurai Veeran was outstanding and received rave reviews after the film was released. Captain, as Vijayakanth is known in the tinsel town, did watch the movie and lauded her.


Green Girl Meenakshi to grab the eyeballs of film buffs with her stunning looks and awesome acting skills.

A thrilled Meenakshi took the blessings from the senior actor. Meenakshi considers this as her most unforgettable experience. After the success of Madurai Veeran, Meenakshi could not accept any roles, as she was preparing for her Plus One examination. Nevertheless, the offers that were flooding the young Meenakshi were of a more older village woman, her passion is to shape up her career by acting as a modern girl rather than being branded as a village lass.

Meenakshi, the acting sensation from Kerala all set to sizzle.

Even as she is gearing up to finish her examination, there are couple of offers. Meenakshi has got offer to act with two superstars in the Malayalam film industry. Needless to say, all eyes are on Meenakshi now. Once she is done with the examinations and firm up the offers, Meenakshi will make a splash in the Malayalam film arena in addition to taking up challenging roles in Tamil films as well.

This multi-talented girl is also pursuing her Bharathanatyam practise to hone her skills further. As the Tamil films prefer heroins with dance background, Meenakshi is practising real hard to master her dancing skills to the highest standards. The beautiful actress Meenakshi is also seriously learning Tamil. Kaajal, her pet name, a.k.a Meenakshi will be received by Kodambakkam with open hands as always the Tamil film industry give lot of preference to Malayali actresses since time immemorial. Going forward, we can see Meenakshi rocking in both Malayalam and Tamil films.