Madhupal is the new Chairman of Kerala State Television Awards Jury

Author, actor and film director,  Madhupal (Kannambath) has been selected as the Chairman of the Kerala State Television Awards Jury of Kerala. The other members of the jury includes Saji Surendran, MA Nishad, Santhosh Echikanam and Anumol. The non-fiction jury is chaired by documentary film maker and critic OK Johnny.

Madhupal is the new Chairman of Kerala Sstate Television Awards Jury

Writer, actor and film maker, all rolled into one, Madhupal, hailing from Palakkad, made his acting foray in with the Malayalam movie Kashmeeram back in 1994, is also an excellent story teller. His directorial debut was in 2008 with Thalappavu (Headgear), which narrated the story of Naxalilte Varghese, has won several critical acclaim for this versatile personality in the year 2008.

Madhupal’s dalliance with tinsel town dates back to his childhood, when the native of Kozhikode, who grew up in Palakkad. Madhupal’s father, Chngalath Madhava Menon was an film exhibitor in those days, owning a cinema theatre. This post graduate in commerce had no inkling pursuing his career in accounting perse….he was rather interested in anything which is intrinsically artistic. No wonder then, instead of choosing an accountant’s job, he chose to write short stories and act in movies. Acting, he did. Not in one or two movies, but, in excess of 90 flicks, that includes Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and English, before he embarked on the next level of film making! Most of his short stories are accepted well in Kerala in addition to that, his works were translated into English, Hindi and Tamil languages. Also, many of his works were published in Malayalam weeklies and periodicals such as Mathrubhumi, Madhyamam and Bhashaposhini.

Madhupal is the new Chairman of Kerala Television Awards Jury

His entry into the tinsel town was in the form of Assistant Director and he honed his skills under the aegis of the then eminent filmmakers including Bharath Gopi and Rajiv Anchal. With the latter, Madhupal has worked in a number of films such as Butterflies, Kashmeeram, Guru – which bagged national awards and was the only entry to the Academy Awards from India back in 1997 – Made in USA (R Madhavan in the lead), Nothing But Life – English, filmed in Las Vegas, the US – and with the deceased actor and director, Bharath Gopi in Yamanam (this movie bagged National Award in 1991). His first film as an actor in Kasmeeram, donning a negative role. Despite having a suave personality and a cheerful disposition, negative characters came his way in great abundance. Madhupal won accolades with his debut film itself, where he bagged the Critics Award for Best Debutante Actor. He also won the Second Best Actor for enacting the character of Hari in the series on MT Kathakal, titled: Kazhcha telecast on Amritha television.

Eventually, Madhupal worked as Assistant Director under Jude Attipetty of Shararandal, which was a 13-part serial, penned by the award winning writer PF Mathews. In the Malayalam movie, Bharatheeyam, Madhupal wrote the screenplay and dialogue, which was released in 1997. After his first film Kashmeeram in 1994, which was followed by Soosanna, Agnisakshi, Guru, Made in USa, Rishivamsam, Vardhakyapuranam, Ravanaprabhu, Twenty-Twenty, Freekick (Hindi), Nothing But Life (English) and Oru Naal Oru Kanavu in Tamil. His is first as a Director in television was Akaashathile Paravakal, which was telecast on Kairali television. Thalappavu is is his first film as a director, which bagged the Kerala State Best Debutante Director Award and other accolades.

Madhupal is the new Chairman of Kerala Television Awards Jury

Although, a film enthusiast, nevertheless Madhupal’s primary passion lies in the world of letters as he has published seven collections of short stories. Also a person who is sensitives to the vagaries of the have-nots, Madhupal is also into social work. For instance, he had engaged in a slew of projects to mitiaget the sufferings of 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquate (Tsunami). Besides that Madhupal is associated with Santhigiri Ashram in Thivurananthapuram, where he is living now, where he is the Assistant General Convener of the Advisory Committee. Also, Madhupal was former Member of Kerala Chalachithra Academy, the organisers of IIFK; Member of Kerala Folklore Academy under the Government of Kerala; member of Kerala Children’s Film Society, also under Government of Kerala. Ozhimuri, his second movie, which is roughly translated as the document of separation, was selected for Indian Panorama in 2012 and IFFK 2012, Kerala State Second Best Movie Award as well. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Kerala State Film Development Corporation.

Madhupal is the new Chairman of Kerala Television Awards Jury

Married to Rekha, the couple have two daughters, Madhavi and Meenakshi. Eldest son of Chengalath Madhava Menon and Kannambath Rugmani Amma (Kozhikode), Madhupal also has three brothers and a sister. The Indian News wishes Madhupal Kannambath all success in his new role.

Published works of MadhupalEe Jeevitham Jeevichu Theerkkunnathu

  • Hebrewil Oru Premalekhanam
  • Jainimettile Pashukkal (co-authored with Joseph Marien)
  • Pranayinikalude Uthyaanavum Kumbasaarakoodum
  • Kadal Oru Nathiyude Kathhayaanu
  • Madhupaalinte Kathhakal (2010, published by Mathrubhumi Books)
    Facebook (novel) (2012, published by Mathrubhumi Books)
  • Vaakkukal Kelkkaan Oru Kaalam Varum – Memories (2015, published by Green Pepper Books)
  • Avan (Maar) Jaaraputhran (short story collection, 2016, published by DC Books Kottayam)
  • “KATHA” 2019 published by Sahithya pravarthaka sahakaranasamgham NBS Kottayam