Carnatic vocalists twin sisters Adwaitha Rajkumar and Adheetha Rajkumar to perform in Delhi on December 2, 2018

Palakulangara Sisters, the Carnatic singing sensations Adwaitha Rajkumar and Adheetha Rajkumar to give  two concerts in Delhi on December 2, 2018

Palakulangara Sisters, the Carnatic singing twins, Adwaitha Rajkumar and Adheetha Rajkumar, after completing 100 stage performances in Kerala is giving concerts in Delhi. Waiting to board the flight.

After giving 100 stage performances, the Carnatic singing sensations, the identical twins, Adhwaitha Rajkumar and Adheetha Rajkumar, from Kerala are going national, as they are giving a concert at Sree Narayana Kendra in Dwarka at 10.30 AM and 7.30 PM they will perform at Mayapuri as part of Subash Nagar Aiyappa Pooja Samithi’s 31st Anniversary at the Mayapuri Press Colony Ground as well. The singing duo is accompanied by their mentor, Aayadi Anilkumar Madhavam.

Carnatic Singing twins, Adwaitha Rajkumar and Adheetha Rajkumar win the hearts of Air Hostesses, a scene inside the aircraft.

Except eyebrows, it is rather difficult to place these identical twins, Adwaitha Rajkumar and Adheetha Rajkumar, the Carnatic vocalists hailing from Shasthamkotta in Kollam district of Kerala. Known as Kunjaatta and Painkili, these sisters have created a record of sorts in rendering Carnatic musical compositions across the State.

Adwaitha Rajkumar and Adheetha Rajkumar, the identical twins, endowed with Carnatic vocal skills, are with family and accompanying artists inside the aircraft, off to Delhi for giving concerts.

 These singing sensations are getting musical lessons from renowned musician Anayadi Anilkumar for years now. These lovely twin sisters are giving Carnatic concerts all across Kerala are also known as Palakulangara Sisters. It is a flabbergasting experience, when we see the duo rendering complex Carnatic compositions with much ease, as if they are seasoned veterans. Along with Carnatic compositions, the singing sensations also render semi-classical songs, spiritual songs and drama songs as well. The speciality of these sisters are that they have the ability to sense the mood of the audience and alter their rendition style accordingly.

Palakkulangara Sisters…ഗോപാലക പാഹിമാം…

Posted by Raj Kumar on Thursday, 25 October 2018

Rajkumar, the father of Kunjaatta and Painkili and his spouse are giving them all kinds of encouragements to these girls. An employee of electricity board, Rajkumar promotes her daughters through social media websites such as Facebook untiringly. These kids have huge fan following, although they do have only their father’s FB account. Probably, Adwaitha and Adheetha must be the busiest artists in Kerala, giving concerts on more than hundred stages!

It is a sad paradox that the talent of these twin sisters have not received the kind of attention they should be getting, for such is their repertoire of talent. It is the society’s collective responsibility to encourage the young siblings. The major point that we should drive home is the fact that at a time even men find it difficult to sustain in the Carnatic music horizon that these little siblings are striving hard to establish their credentials by sheer hard work and discipline.

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