Movement For Independent Cinema Officially Announced in Kerala

The Independent Film Activists Association has officially announced the formation of Movement for Independent Cinema (MIC) in Kerala yesterday.

Movement For Independent Cinema Officially Announced in Kerala. Photo Credit: YouTube Grab from Mediaone.

The official announcement of the Movement for Independent Cinema (MIC), a group of independent filmmakers and entertainers was made yesterday at the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Those who attended the media conference included film Directors such as Dr. S. Sunil, Santhosh Babu, Senan, Krishnaveni, Venu Nair, in addition to the Director and Member of the Progressive Art Literature Association, Sreekrishnan.

Malayalam Movie Director, Venu Nair. Photo Credit: YouTube Grab from Mediaone.

Venu Nair said: “Generally Film Festivals are being formed the world over for bringing out the cinematic and aesthetic excellence of the movies. In International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK), most of the members, who lack expertise select crap movies for the festival. We are precisely opposing such selectors and the selected films.”

Video Courtesy: Media One.

By selecting the mainstream cinemas under Malayalam Cinema category, which are being screened on the theatres across the state for months, the IFFKA is sabotaging the main feature of Malayalam cinema. The selection of movies are being made without even watching the movies. The officials further said that the members, who take tax payer’s money as sitting fees are responsible to see all the movies before selecting or rejecting the movies. If the IFFK officials are not doing justice in terms of selecting the best movies out of all the entries only after watching all the movies, it wouldn’t be prudent for these officials to sit on the selection committee at all. The Directors of Malayalam cinema has approached the High Court against the Selection Committee of IFFK alleging irregularities.