Aryakrishnan’s Malayalam Short Film Aroopi on AIDS affected prostitute set for release

Aroopi (Formless), the Malayalam Short Film, written and directed by Aryakrishnan RK, who was earlier assisted the film maker Lenin Rajendran, which narrates the story of an AIDS affected prostitute and her failed bonding with a man.

Aryakrishnan’s Malayalam Short Film Aroopi on AIDS affected prostitute set for release

As per the Director, the film depicts the helpless condition of a woman who has broken the shackles of fate. A writer, fashion designer, the former Miss Glam India Runner Up 2018, and also winning the sub-title of Miss Glam India’s Miss Beauty With A Purpose in 2018, a Show Stopper Model and an entrepreneur running an Advertisement and Event Management firm, Aroopi is the latest film of this multi-talented young woman, Aryakrishnan RK from Kerala. She was also elected as Kerala State Youth Wing General Secretary of National Human Rights Committee.

Aryakrishnan’s Malayalam Short Film Aroopi on AIDS affected prostitute set for release

What is more, Aryakrishnan had bagged a slew of awards including an award from Government of Kerala, Rajeev Gandhi Award, International Film Festival awards for her directorial ventures. Besides being the Managing Partner of Arya Event Media Entertainment Company, she is also the Founder of Solo Lady Film Festival. This young and yet to be married girl from Kollam district of Kerala is pursuing her MBA now after her degree in commerce. She has couple of more diplomas as well, in accounting and foreign accounting. The multi-tasking Aryakrishnan also dreams of doing MSW and a doctorate, while continuing all her pursuits in tandem.

Aryakrishnan’s Malayalam Short Film Aroopi on AIDS affected prostitute set for release

Produced by krishna krish under the banner of Arya Event Media Entertainment and Yuga Entertainment and Production House Studio banner. Story, Script, Lyrics and Direction by Aryakrishnan RK, Aroopi’s DoP is handled by Anandhu Sasidharan, while the editing and design are by Don Saaki, SK Balachandran has composed music and Rahul V Nair is the Associate Director.

Aryakrishnan’s Malayalam Short Film Aroopi on AIDS affected prostitute set for release

The costumes are from AFW Kollam. Ambily Sunil, who has acted in excess of 60 films has portrayed the central character in Aroopi, while Bagio George too has donned the character of Lord Krishna. The second look poster was recently released by writer and film director, Madhupal K.

In an exclusive interview given to The Indian News, Arya Krishnan speaks to the Editor Jayashankar Menon about the film. Excerpts:

Aryakrishnan RK, Director of Aroopi.

TIN: Can you elaborate on the message of this movie?

AK: Aroopi depicts the helplessness of a woman who has broken the shackles of fate. Its a story of a prostitute and her failed bonding with a man.  Her love for that man pushes her into such a worst quagmire. She gets into prostitution for her survival.  She completely loses her faith on her life, the moment, she realises she gets diagnosed with AIDS. Then she decides to commit suicide, because none is there for her to take care of her. She is a passionate devotee of Lord Krishna. When she  contemplates on ending her life, she imagines in her inner mind as if she is communicating with Krishna. She needs a person to at least understand her emotional upheaval. She narrates the whole life to Lord Krishna,  dresses up like a bride – symbol of her aspiration – and then she ends her life. Krishna touches her head during her last breath. She feels that her life is complete, as Lord Krishna is the only person who is selfless and never craved for her body. When the movie ends, the message is clear, “In the end, we will all become stories.”

TIN: Why did you choose the name Aroopi?

AK: Aroopi in general is formless. Also, Aroopi is a mysterious person who knows everything about others. Here, one’s own mind is that Aroopi. So, here, the female protagonist is forced into prostitution because of her survival. Men, who visited her, only craved for her body. When she falls in love with a man, he too turns out be the person with lust, only looking at her as an object to satiate her carnal pleasures. When she realised that, she loses all hopes. Once she gets to know that she had already contracted with the dreaded AIDS infection, she pities her pathetic condition, her inequities, incomplete feeling. She being Aroopi knows that is her Lord Krishna, who is the only selfless person and imagines that she is communicating with Him. Subsequently, she decides to extricate from all her worries, dresses up like a bride and she consumes poison to end her life. She feels that her Lord Krishna descends on earth and touches her head and she also imagines that her soul is leaving the body that is purified by the touch of Lord Krishna. But before consuming poison, she also undertakes the ritual of paying obeisance to her own soul (Bali Tharpanam), which is shown in the song sequence in the film.

TIN: Is this film based on a real life incident?

AK: Yes, it is. But then, I have added the elements of fiction to justify her end that she exited the world with a pure soul and cleansed body. How a woman is ill-treated by the society, when she was forced to become a prostitute for her survival and when she really fell in love with a man, he did not have the generosity to accept her as what she was. He too craves for her body without a baggage. Once she realises how a woman is branded as a prostitute she will never have redemption, yet she craves for salvation. For that to happen, she reaches out to her Priyamaanasan (Lover), Lord Krishna, who, she realises is the only person who can offer selfless love and with his touch on her head, she concludes that her life is complete, her body cleansed and her soul is set free. But before that, she also does the funeral rituals (Bali Tharpanam) for her soul to be rest in peace.

TIN: How did you rope in the investor?

AK: Generally, when I update my status about new projects in the social media, inquiries do come. If the budget and story match, then the would invest. In this case too, I narrated the story and when we calculated the budget, they felt convinced and that is how we firmed up on this project.

TIN: When will the release happen? Through what platform you are releasing the movie?

AK: We will release the movie by the end of this month and we are releasing it through the YouTube channel of East Coast.