Dr Akhila KS treats physical ailments through Ayurveda and soothes mind with her Malayalam short stories

For Dr Akhila KS Ayurvedic Medical Practice and Writing Malayalam short stories go hand in hand

Ayurveda and Malayalam Short Stories go hand in hand for Dr Akhila KS

Born in Neyattinkara in Thiruvananthapuram to Kochukunju Adissar
and Sarala Devi, Dr Akhila KS belongs to the new generation of the renowned Adissar
family from Pathanamthitta district. Her brother Abhilash KS is a scientist working in ISRO. She is married to Dr. Sreeraj Gopi. More about the members of her family later.

Ayurveda and Malayalam Short Stories go hand in hand for Dr Akhila KS

Just to know the family background, in the work of Kottarathil Sankunni, “Aytheehya Mala” her family name has been referred in many places. Adissar family members were the Royal Physicians when monarchy was existent in southern Kerala. Needless to say, Dr. Akhila has Ayurveda in her veins. Her education was in Government High School in Thiruppuram, Government Higher Secondary School in Neyatinkara, where she pursued her plus two, did her graduation in Ayurveda (BAMS) from the Government Ayurveda College Thiruvanandhapuram and her MD from Government Ayurveda College Thripunnithura. Right from the school, young Akhila showed clear sign of her literary and extra-curricular prowess, when she regularly took part in several competitions and had won accolades as well.

Swapnangal Neyyunna Penkutty is a collection of Malayalam short stories by Dr. Akhila KS, Cover Design: Rajesh Chalode

Along with honing her writing skills, Dr Akhila was also proficient in poetry recitation, speech, painting and other aesthetic pursuits. Although, Akhila had written many short stories over a period of time, she handpicked ten touching works and compiled into a collection of stories, “Swapnangal Neyyunna Penkutty” (Girl who weaves dreams) and recently published by Green Books. What is more, Akhila has also contributed short stories, travelogues and child literature in a slew of magazines such as Kalakoumudi, Katha, Ezhuthu, Vipanchika and Hinduvishwa.

Ayushmadam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre in Chalakkudi.

Along with that, Dr. Akhila has spoken at several national and international Ayurveda conferences and presented research papers. Currently, she is the Managing Director and Chief Physician in Ayushmadam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre in Chalakkudi. With the support of the scientist husband Sreeraj Gopi Dr. Akhila is involved in the Ayurveda research. They are also deeply engrossed to comprehend the finest nuances of Aurveda science, while they also believe that it is quintessential to have such a thorough research to bring about the much needed solution to address the present lacunae that is inherent in this branch of science. In order to achieve this objective, Dr. Akhila and Sreeraj Gopi are constantly engaged in the brainstorming sessions both at the national and international arenas.

Ayushmadam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre in Chalakkudi.

About her literary pursuits, Dr. Akhila says that the biggest appreciation came in the form of renowned Malayalam author, Benyamin who not only was heaping praise on her collection of shortstories, Swapnangal Neyunna Penkutty, but also writing review on the back cover of her book. In addition to that, Dr. Akhila also received rave reviews about her short stories from a cross section of readers.

Malayalam Author Benyamin and Dr Akhila KS.

In fact, she received calls from various quarters and also received gifts as a token of appreciation from her readers that made Dr. Akhila in cloud nine. Also, while sharing about the peculiarities of her book, Swapnangal Neyyunna Penkutty, Dr. Akhila says all the ten stories in the book were written at regular intervals sans baggage of heavy thoughts. These stories I wrote only to make myself happy. All the stories can be read in an unambiguous manner and utmost satisfaction. Nevertheless, when I sit to write, the characters do come with full constume and vivid expressions in my mind and that includes the last story, Sivankuttiyude Hridhayam (Sivankutty’s Heart).”

Launch of Malayalam short stories, Swapnangal Neyunna Penkutty, novelist Benyamin and Dr Akhila KS.

Right now she is writing a soulful novel, although Dr. Akhila is not sure as to when she will be able to complete it, given her preoccupation and juggling between her daily practice of Ayurvedic medicine, writing and homemaking. Rightly so, Dr. Akhila’s aim is to create an indelible mark in the Ayurvedic treatment cum research horizons.

Dr Akhila KS with Award.

At the same time, she is not willing to compromise on her individual life. Dr. Akhila also is very particular of being a good daughter to her parents, better wife to Sreeraj Gopi, best mother for her children Sreepadma and Sreehari. Along with these attributes, to remain an individual with own thoughts and opinion is a challenge, Dr. Akhila says and adds concludes, “That is precisely the beauty of a woman’s life.” The Indian.News wishes this Aurvedic Doctor, the healer of body and Dr. Akhila, the author and the healer of our minds a happy balanced life, replete with a heady mix of success and peace in all he future endeavours.