Aiswarya S Menon, (Aiswarya Kenath) is the new Kerala State Chairperson of Vidhyarthi Malayala Vedi

#VidhyarthiMalayalaVedi nominated Aiswarya S. Menon (Aiswarya Kenath) as Kerala State Chairperson

Aiswarya S. Menon (Aiswarya Kenath) to assume charge as Kerala State Chairperson of Vidhyarthi Malayala Vedi. Photo: Ashraf Malayali.

Aiswarya S Menon, first year Malayalam MA student from Government Victoria College, Palakkad, Kerala, is the new Chairperson of the Kerala State Vidhyarthi Malayala Vedi, (Student wing of the Malayalam Iykya Vedi), a non-profit forum promoting the Malayalam language.

Aiswarya, better known as Aiswarya Kenath in the social media circles (as she does not approve of revealing her surname to the public, which was thrust on her as per the old social norm), is also the Palakkad District Chairperson of Vidyarthi Malayala Vedi. This brilliant south paw is not really tall, nevertheless, with her brilliance, she has not only scaled more heights, but also made the entire family, friends and the community around her proud. Aishwaya had won several laurels
including the Kerala State Library Council’s District level competition as the voracious reader in Palakkad District.

Multi-talented personality

Aishwarya is a multi-talented personality. At the tender age of nine years, she wrote a short story, which was published by the leading vernacular daily in Kerala, Malayala Manorama, titled: “Koushalakkariyaya Maan” meaning Curious Deer. The shy girl had the habit of scribbling on the notepads (prescription pads) gifted by her late uncle Easwarachandra Menon, who was a Medical Representative. The moment she finished writing a short story or a poem, she had the habit of taking a cursory glance at what she had written, only be thrown into the garbage bin. Noticing few crumbled white papers inside the trash bin, her mother Mini – who is a teacher – was curious and fished out those trashed papers and read the contents in it. Alas! she was shocked and surprised at what she had just seen. It was gems of brilliance, which her mom couldn’t fathom in her wildest of imagination!

Aiswarya S. Menon (Aiswarya Kenath) is the new Chairperson of Kerala State Vidyarthi Malayala Vedi.

Out of the four short stories that were dumped in the trash can, Mini took this  and sent it to the Malayalam daily, that was eventually selected and published! Before that, from then on, and from there, Aishwarya never looked back. Right from class V to XII she made the local school proud, (GAPHSS Elapully) for being a topper in class, topper in School, topper in something else, which we will come to, later.


Aishwarya wanted to become an Astronomer to start with. At the same time, she was very passionate about linguistics. Besides her mother tongue, Malayalam, she was equally adept in English, Sanskrit and Hindi as well. Now, her ambition got checkmated by her own overriding passion she had with the language. This brilliant wannabe Scientist, who won the Crystallography State Level Quiz Competition, organised by Kerala State Council For Science, Technology and Environment, Government of Kerala, at Kowdiar Palace Thiruvananthapuram on the sidelines of the International Book Festival held in 2014, as the second prize winner and her joy knew no bound, when the Chief Guest, who was
none other than the Former President of India, Late, Shree APJ Abdul Kalaaam, who complimented her and asked her in chaste Tamil, on stage, “Are you the only girl
participant in the entire competition in Kerala, where women outnumber men in terms of absolute population”!


Now, let us see how destiny has its own scheme of things. As the saying goes, “Man Proposes, God Disposes”, Aiswarya, with her dream of becoming a Physicist, Astronomer or a Scientist, who topped the school in her 12th Examination by achieving the second highest mark, with distinction, was now left in a quandary. Although, she had 85- 91% marks in Mathematics, Science and Language in that order, nevertheless, her passion for language became a nemesis for her future ambition of becoming another Kalpana Chawla. What decimated her ambition, was her overriding passion. She got centum in Malayalam language, 200 marks out of 200 marks! Period! Wherever she applied for the Under Graduate course opting for Science, Arts, out of which Malayalam Literature was the last priority. But, she was firm on one thing in her mind. Aishwarya
longed to pursue the undergraduate course from Government Victoria College Palakkad, which is a dream of every citizen of this “Dreamy Land of Misty Mountains.”

Why Victoria? Naturally, this question will arise…for that she had ready made answer. Right from her passionate heroes (read Malayalam writers including MT Vasudevan Nair, the all weather writer, the PG Wodehouse of Kerala, VK Naryanankutty A.K.A., VKN; OV Vijayan, Madhavikutty, A.k.A., Kamala Das. A.K.A., Kamala Surayya and an
extended list of other writers as well, out of which MT Vasudevan Nair had pursued his Undergraduate studies in Science in this very same college. Other prominent
personalities who were old students of this prestigious college, named after the then Queen of England by that name – The best part is that the Queen had visited this college, which celebrated the centenary few years back – Metro Man Sridharan, TN Seshan, EMS Namboodiripad and others.

So, when her single point agenda of joining Victoria College, come what may, along with her passionate subject, Malayalam, which she scored full marks chartered a new path for her to tread. Rightly so, she absolved her ambition of becoming a scientist and happily joined the college opting Malayalam Literature. Right from Class V to XII, she had amassed innumerable awards, accolades and certificates.

Now, after joining BA, when she was in the second year, realisation dawned in her that there was no PG course in the college for Malayalam. When she inquired, she got to know that the struggle for this cause started many years back, without finding any tangible results.

Aiswarya S. Menon (Aiswarya Kenath) receiving certificate from APJ Abdul Kalam on winning the second prize in Kerala State level quiz competition conducted by KSCSTE.

Aishwarya swung into action and she embarked on a signature campaign to kick-start the momentum of bringing the MA Malayalam to the college. She, along with her faculty, visited none other than the legend, MT Vasudevan Nair, who was the alumni of this college to collect the first signature at his residence in Kozhikode. Not stopping at that, she visited Kannur and met the PWD Minster, G Sudhakran, during an event related to the language council and handed over a memorandum, urging for the just demand of introducing a PG course in Malayalam in her college. With collective effort the course was introduced in the college. Before joining her PG, Aiswarya proved herself worthy of batting for the introduction of PG course, by
scoring the highest mark in BA Malayalam, in fact, first rank in Calicut University!

Future Plans

Going forward, the left handed girl, with her power centre on her right brain, though Left in her attitude, had left her future plans to unfurl on its own, as she is fully focused on clearing her examination with the same level of verve and enthusiasm, which she started right from her pre primary school days. When probed, Aishwarya did not confide her ambition by keeping her card close to her chest. Contrary to my journalistic inquisitiveness, Aiswarya revealed that after the PG, she would either try for the civil service stream or she will flow with the tide and become an Academic as the natural evolution. Team The Indian.News join our readers to congratulate this female prodigy from Kerala who made us all proud.