Farmers Rally New Delhi: Kissan Mukti Morcha demand the Union Government to convene special session of Parliament to solve their issues

Congress and AAP come together on a same stage at the Farmers Rally in Delhi

Delhi Farmers Protest March from Ramlila Maidan to Parliament Street.

Defying the winter chillness, farmers from all over the country converged at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi yesterday to protest against the ruling BJP-led NDA Government policies and demanding a slew of welfare measures. Many of the farmers were seen without clothes on their back, quite agitated shouting slogans demanding waiver of loans and fix better prices for their produce.

For the first time the Kissan Rally provided a platform for the two political leaders, Congress President, Rahul Gandhi and Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party patron, Arvind Kejriwal sharing the dais, along with members of several opposition parties, who have rallied behind the farmers.

Rahul Gandhi’s speech yesterday at Kisan Mukti Rally on November 30, 2018. Video: SKP Live TV.

While speaking at the Kissan Rally, Gandhi said that the country was facing twin challenges such as the bleak future of the farmers and rising unemployment of the youth. The farmers had sought only what they duly owed from the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Apparently, what the farmers got in turn, deviating from the poll promises, was empty rhetoric from Modi administration.

Delhi: Thousands gather for farmers’ rally at Ramlila maidan; traffic advisory issued. Video IndiaTV

Reacting to the farmers’ plight, Kejriwal took a jibe at the Union Government for its highly publicised insurance for farmers, which the AAP lead termed it as yet another game plan to exploit these hapless farmers. No untoward incidents were reported and when the rally ended peacefully in the evening, the ruling dispensation were blissfully quite, without even responding to the pesant revolt happening under their very nose.

Gandhi assured the peasants that none, not even the Narendra Modi led-NDA Government can silence the growing voice of these farmers and the frustrated unemployed youth of the country. Gandhi asserted that if the nonchalant approach of the government was an insult to the farmers, and the latter will ensure that arrogant government will be removed.

Directly attacking the Government, Gandhi asked as to why the Union Government, which had the capacity to let go off up to the tune of Rs.3.5 lakh crore in dues owed by as many as 15 corporate honchos, while the ruling dispensation is conveniently was hell bent on refusing to wave off the loans of millions of farmers.

Sitaram Yechuri. Photo: Twitter.

The left party, CPI (M), which is supporting the farmers’ agitation asserted that the agricultural grate had nose-dived under the Narendra Modi Government. He further termed the PM as a “Pocket-Mar”, who robs off all public money and in turn give peanuts as a relief. As part of polarising the country on the religous lines to gain power, Yechuri said that every five years, Modi invoked the Ram Mandir card. Kerjriwal accused the Union Government of meeting out step-motherly treatment to these hapless farmers who feed the nation. Stating that the BJP led Government’s Bima Yojana (Insurance) formers was nothing but fraud, he said that tousands and croes of rupees were collected from the farmers accounts and when the farmers were in dire straights, with the crops were destroyed dut to natural disasters, the Union Government was putting lot of terms and conditions. Kejriwal, taking a jibe at the BJP, said: “This is BJP’s Daka Yojana”, – meaning Decoit Scheme in Hindi.

Opposition Unity

Opposition unity at Farmers’ Rally in New Delhi. Photo: IYC.

The farmers rally saw the solidarity of the opposition including representatives of 21 political parties, big and small sharing the dais. Political leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechuri, Farooq Abdullah, Sharad Pawar, Sharad Yadav joined hands and stood in unison on the stage.  When the farmers marched toward Parliament to give a memorandum to the President, they were stopped near the Police Station at the entrance of Parliament Street. Many farmers were seen carrying the skulls of their dear ones who ended their lives due to farm crisis. Also, a group of women from the Telangana State marched on the streets of the capital holding the photos of their deceased husbands, apparently who killed themselves due to financial crisis and crop loss.

Meanwhile, the Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav took a 26-kilometres padayathra protesting against the indifference being shown to the farmers by the ruling party. He walked from Bujwasan to Ramlila Maidan two days back. Yadav said his party was protesting against the loot and exploitation of farmers by the BJP Government. Stating that the entire nation was with the farmers including the media, medical profession, student community, artists and more. Spearheading the agitation is the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC), the umbrella body for farmers’ groups, which number in excess of 200.