India Petrol Price Increase: Rs.91 a litre in Maharashtra Cities

The prices of petrol and diesel are shooting through the roof in India. The petrol price in Maharashtra crossed the Rs.90 mark this morning. The vehicle owners, who visited the petrol pumps were in for rude shock as the price tag for a litre of petrol was mentioned Rs.91 a litre in Mumbai, in Chennai Rs.85 Kolkata Rs.84 and Delhi with Rs.82. In few cities of Maharashtra, petrol was selling for Rs.91 a litre. As per news agency IANS, the highest petrol prices registred in various cities of Maharashtra are as follows: Nanded Rs. 91.61, Amravati Rs. 91.31, Ratnagiri Rs. 91.14 and Jalgaon Rs. 91.01,  Federation of Maharashtra Petroleum Dealers Association (FAMPEDA) President Uday Lodh clarified.

Weakening of Rupee

Fuel prices shot up between 5 paise and 12 paise across the four metropolitan cities of India in line with global oil prices and a weakening rupee. Petrol was sold in New Delhi for Rs. 82.72 per litre, in Kolkata for Rs. 84.54 a litre and in Chennai for Rs. 85.99 for a litre, according to a release issued by the state owned oil marketing major, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). A litre of diesel was sold for Rs. 78.58 in Mumbai, Rs. 74.02 in New Delhi, Rs. 75.87 in Kolkata and Rs. 78.26 in Chennai, according to, the website of IOC, the largest fuel retailer of the country. The new price revision is from 6.00 today. Yesterday, a litre of petrol was sold at Rs. 82.61 in New Delhi, Rs. 84.44 in Kolkata, Rs. 89.97 in Mumbai and Rs. 85.87 in Chennai. A litre of diesel was sold at Rs. 73.97 in New Delhi, Rs. 75.82 in Kolkata, Rs. 78.53 in Mumbai, and Rs. 78.20 in Chennai. Apparently, the increase in petrol prices was 11 paise each in Delhi and Mumbai, 10 paise in Kolkata and 12 paise in Chennai, whereas the increase in diesel prices was 5 paise each in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai and 6 paise in Chennai.