IBEF Survey forecasts Indian medical tourism healthcare will reach $10 billion with two times increase in healthcare IT market by 2020

According to the IBEF study, Healthcare industry is one of the widely expanding areas in India in terms of economy and technical improvements and is on the verge of facilitating world class intervention. Industry is basically related to hospitals, diagnostics, medical equipment, and medical tourism. Qualitative and affordable services available in India are what is drawing more and more foreign patients via medical tourism. Although the Indian health service is showing exponential growth, the scope of development is yet to be discovered.

In present condition, health care is primarily driven by digital technology, in which most of the medical devices running on the digital platform. With more private players coming forward with better public-private partnership, this region is estimated to be larger and more varied than the combined annual rate of 25% during this 5-year tenure.

Dr. CV Ruchi Gupta

Dr. CV Ruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO, 3hcare.in says, “One of the most interesting and engaging areas in this section is genetic testing and research in molecular biology. With countless opportunities in this field, genetic biomarkers continue to expand. A molecular biologist focuses on genetic changes to help correct and slow down the disorder of the disease. And screening is necessary in the newborn because it helps to identify genetic disorders and facilitate early treatment in life.”

What is more, the total healthcare market is equivalent to $ 100 billion and is expected to reach 280 billion by 2020. Indian medical tourism healthcare will reach $ 10 billion with two times increase in healthcare IT market is expected to be by 2020. Data is promised, providing a significant increase in technical progress and ease of operation in the years ahead in the field of health advancement.

In recent years the use of 3D printing technology has also been developed, which provides surgery with a game-changing technique in the diagnosis and studies human anatomy. To print blood vessels and cardiac tissues, to study cancer cells and to change the organs, some people have seen practical applications in diagnosis and disease management.

“Smart watch advice, real time diagnosis in the operating room has helped the area with compliance control and differential disciplinary treatment. Technical advancement in the healthcare industry works as artificial intelligence in medical decision support, redesigns hospital experience and forms like a virtual digital brain.” Dr. Gupta pointed out.

With the growing science and technology, use of medical apps have been on a rise and made IT considerably more understanding. Medical apps have become more customized providing a meaningful use of social media

“Many major investments are being made in this field, the functioning of the industry has become more professional, organized and efficient. The emergence and emergence of NGO health care, IT industry developing software and imaging equipment, the area is on the brink of rapid development phase. “ she added.