Hareesh Peradi rocks with his spitfire dialogue delivery at the Thanseer MA debut Malayalam movie, Janadhipan

Debutant Director Thanseer MA casts Hareesh Peradi in his Malayalam film Janadhipan where the latter rocks with spitfire dialogue delivery enacting the powerful role of Comrade Kannur Vishwan

Janadhipan Malayalam movie, where Hareesh Peradi portrays the powerful role of Comrade Kannur Vishwan as Kerala CM.

Years of acting in plays and dramas, acting for Hareesh Peradi is like a natural essay. His powerful countenance, spitfire dialogue delivery has made lots of fans for Hareesh Peradi, who shot into the small screen portraying the character of Kimvathan has acted in a slew of Malayalam and Tamil movies, each film proving better than the best. His portrayal as Kathakali Aashan in the Malayalam film, Kamboji was really powerful, so does the last movie, Godha. Hareesh Peradi is playing villain in the recent back to back hit movies in Tamil.

Coming back to Janadhipan, this movie, billed as political thriller is the debut film of the director, Thanseer MA who has written and directed Janadhipan and produced by R Balaji Venkatesh, who has proved in this movie that he will carve a niche for himself in the Malayalam tinsel town. The Mollywood’s newest director has spun the movie the protagonist, Hareesh Peradi who dons the role of the Chief Minister of Kerala, the renowned contemporary Communist leader, Commrade Kannur Vishwan.

Hareesh Peradi has enacted the powerful role with utmost brilliance, the protagonist’s upheavals in his life, the kind of traumatic pressures he has had to undergo in his political career and the way he handles all the crisis with sagacity and endurance. The actor says that he has had a powerful role in the form of Comrade Kannur Vishwan, whose political face apart, also depicts the other face of the Kerala Chief Minister, as a family man. Although, Hareesh Peradi has dabbled almost the same kind of role in his Malayalam movie, Left Right Left, where he greases his face with the character of a leftist politician with negative traits. The difference here in the movie, Janadhipan is that Hareesh Peradi portrays a character who has sold to the ideology of Communism and its tenets which is replete with humanism. What is more, in Janadhipan, the director, Tanseer had precisely gives a terse message as to how a political leader should show the wisdom and maturity in handling a mass crisis afflicting the society collectively and instilling confidence in them, especially the political murders that are rampant in our contemporary Kerala.

The script is powerful and has contemporary relevance that actually impressed him and Hareesh Peradi did not think twice and he readily accepted the offer of Thanseer MAand the result is a beautiful movie sans frills and cliches armed with contemporary relevance and make believe scenes.

Debut Malayalam film director of Janadhipan, Thanseer MA.

While talking about Janadhipan, Thanseer MA told The Indian.News, “The script is so powerful and the dialogue delivery is of paramount importance. When you see it in the theatre, you will realise that these powerful and evocative dialogues will naturally take to the late ’90s, where the movies, full of political colours and contemporary stories. So, Janadhipan is not only a political thriller but it is also a movie that reflects the family values.”

The music composition is by Mejjo Joseph and the songs are really memorable with a tinge of nostalgia, sans hype. The song rendered by Vineeth Srinivasan is simply mind blowing. Vineeth Sreenivasan, Anne Amie and Mejjo Josseph had rendered the songs.