SAATHI 2018: Max Hospital Vaishali raises awareness to fight against cancer by organising entertainment evening

Raising awareness against cancer, Max Hospital Vaishali organise SAATHI 2018 fun-filled entertainment night at NCR

Max Hospital Vaishali organises entertainment night for cancer survivors called SAATHI 2018

With the aim of raising awareness against the deadly disease of cancer, the Max Hospital of Vaishali organised an entertainment filled event in the NCR recently. Over 200 cancer survivors took part in the event. The highlights of SAATHI2018 featured participation of all the cancer survivors in dance, soulful vocal musical performance, keyboard charisma and dazzling jazz along with the champions of the hospital.

Speaking at the event, Dr Gaurav Aggarwal, Unit Head, Max Hospital, Vaishali said, “I am quite pleased to know that Max Hospital Vaishali is sensitising and spreading awareness about cancer and uniting all to fight against it. We are soon set to launch a dedicated cancer tower focusing on providing complete and comprehensive cancer care. While we focus on providing Quality Care and advanced treatment options; it is equally important to spread the message of early detection as the symptoms get neglected and are diagnosed late. We also need to remove the myths and confusions regarding Cancer treatment prevailing in the society. With latest and Advanced treatment options available backed by strong support, it is possible to lead a better quality of life post cancer treatment.”

Sharing experience

Many cancer survivors shared their journey and better quality of life post treatment to motivate the patients fighting against it. One of the patients who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer motivated the family members to support the patients together to fight against all odds. “After being diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer that had spread across the abdomen, I was completely dejected and shattered. With the support of my family and the advancements in the cancer care treatment, the doctors at Max Hospital Vaishali surgically removed four litres of fluid and within two months of chemotherapy sessions, I feel completely fine. Over the years I have made steady progress and have a completely better quality of life. I am really thankful to the doctors and would also like to tell all of you that timely intervention helps in treating cancer and raises the chances of survival with good quality of life.” a patient shared her experience.

Cancer among Indian population

According to the recent data recorded by ICMR, in excess of 400,000 new cancer patients are recorded annually in India. Breast and ovarian cancer is the leading cause of mortality among Indian females and attributed to 15% of the total burden of cancer in India. There is a rise in more number of females at younger age (under 40 years). Oral cancer is the sixth leading cause of mortality worldwide and over 35% of them is contributed from India. The conversion rates of such fibrosis into cancer are over 10% and the condition becomes irreversible if left untreated.

Dr Atul Goel, Director, Surgical Oncology, Max Hospital, Vaishali said on the occasion, “Most of the patients lack awareness about the advanced treatment options available to treat cancer. Max Hospital Vaishali has treated over 300 patients in the past two years and all of them are leading a better quality of life. Certain precautionary measures can avoid the risk of developing cancer by upto 70%. There are strong evidences that link the risk of all types of cancers with diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Certain dietary changes can curb down the risk of developing cancer. Avoiding diet high in saturated fats and consuming diet high in vegetables and fruits have possible evidences in reducing the risk of abdominal cancer. Masses should be educated about the risk factors and importance of early stage detection in managing such fatal cancers.”

Max Hospital Vaishali organises entertainment night for cancer survivors called SAATHI 2018

According to the recent data provided by Globacan 2018, India, there is a 3% rise in the number of new patients diagnosed with cancer, and the mortality rate was registered at 30% in 2018. Of the total prevalent cases in the last five years accounting for around 80,000 patients, the mortality rate is attributed to around 40%. Lack of awareness is one of the factors, but with advancement in technology and certain lifestyle modifications the risk for developing any type of cancer and its mortality can be curbed down.

Max Hospital, Vaishali, shall launch a dedicated tower for Oncology. This will be the biggest cancer centre in Western UP. The new tower will have a dedicated Women Oncology Centre, on the ground floor, for Gynaecology and Breast Cancer. The centre will posses six state-of-the-art Oncology dedicated operation theatres with 10 Disease Management Groups (DMGs) with 100 bedded Oncology dedicated facility.