Dr. Nivedita Pandey: Fatty Liver Rampant Among Indian Youth due to Obesity

Obesity, which triggers Fatty Liver, after affecting the middle aged people have now impacting the youth as well, says Dr. Nivedita Pandey.

Dr. Nivedita Pandy: Fatty Liver Rampant Among Indian Youth due to Obesity

Thanks to the poor and sedantry lifestyle, obesity, which was widespread among middle aged population has now been increasingly felt among the among adult population as well. Obesity, according to Dr. Nivedita Pandey, Consultant, Gastroenterology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket in Delhi, which is the most significant factor contributing for the gradual onset of fatty liver, which is affecting middle aged as well as young population.

Fatty Liver Rampant among Indian youth and middle aged population, says Dr. Nivedita Pandey.

In a free-wheeling chat with The Indian News, Dr. Nivedita Pandy speaks about Fatty Liver and its impact on health on the population of India to the Editor, Jayashankar Menon. Excerpts:

TIN: What is Fatty Liver?

DNP: Fatty liver is the accumulation of excessive fat in the liver. Unfortunately most patients do not experience symptoms of fatty liver. Symptoms begin to notice once the liver disease progresses mainly this includes loss of appetite, fatigue, jaundice confusion, bleeding with minor trauma. Accumulated fat in liver causes a severe damage to liver leading to a condition known as Non Alcoholic Steato Hepatitis (NASH) which ultimately leads to cirrhosis. Lack of awareness about the seriousness of the condition is a major concern. Fatty liver if left undiagnosed and untreated can not only to progressive liver damage but also can cause liver cancer.

TIN: What are the cluster of conditions?

DNP: Fatty liver, a metabolic syndrome has cluster of conditions such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, abnormal cholesterol levels that occur together thus increases the risk of fatty liver. The diagnosis of fatty liver involves a routine ultrasound. Liver function tests are also conducted to evaluate the liver damage.


TIN: How do we prevent the Fatty Liver disease?

DNP: Fatty liver is a lifestyle disease. A holistic approach is required to prevent the future progression of it. Dietary change is not alone beneficial. Rather, it must be accompanied by exercise. Research work has shown losing even 3-5% of the current weight can improve the functioning of liver.

TIN: What is the kind of treatment that is required for Fatty Liver disease?

DNP: The treatment of liver fatty liver depends on the stage of it. Grade one fatty liver is an early stage that is usually reversible if a patient adopts healthy lifestyle practices such as regular exercise, diet control.
As the stage of fatty liver progresses, liver damage is seen. Controlling the diabetes and high cholesterol level are also important factors. Vitamin E has shown to have some benefit. However, advanced liver disease is present transplant is a curative option.