Kerala Nun Rape Case: Sister Anupama says Father Nicholas Maniparamil’s visit to Kuravilangad Nunnery was to scuttle the case

Sister Anupama has revealed that the purpose of Father Nicholas Maniparambil‘s visit to Kuravilangad Nunnery was apparently to influence the sisters living there. Sister Anupama also made it clear that Maniparambil also told the sisters that the action of the sisters to lodge a police complaint and the eventual agitation was wrong.

“Father Maniparambil visited the Nunnery to create a guilt feeling amongst the nuns and further scuttle the Kerala Nun Rape Case. He also told the nuns that they were taking part in the agitation by joining hands with non-Christians and against Order”, Sister Anupama said and added that the nuns received support from a group of good human beings.

Father Maniparambil clarified that he visited the Nunnery as the nuns belonged to the same Diocese. He further clarified that there was no change in his stand. Father Maniparambil had initially supported the cause of these nuns and eventually, he showed allegiance to Bishop Franco Mulakkal on the sensational nun rape case, in which, the latter was arrested by the Kerala police after three days of intense interrogation.