#En:Fluence 2020: en:lyft announce Creator Fund worth $5 Million for content creators

The announcement of creator fund worth of $5 million by #en:lyft will be for five years in which the content coreators will have humongous benefit.

En:Fluence 2020: en:lyft announce Creator Fund worth $5 Million for content creators

en:lyft had announced Creator fund worth $5 million for the content creators in the power packed Virtual Creator Summit – en:fluence powered by Jio Meet on August 21, 2020. The agenda of the summit was to discuss the growth of content creator industry in the post-pandemic world. en:lyft, being a leading influencer community made six major announcement in the virtual summit in order to support content creators to make premium quality content.

Ajay Kudva, CEO and founder, en:lyft

While making the announcements, Ajay Kudva, CEO and founder, en:lyft said: “The creator fund will be for five years in which the content creators will be benefited hugely. The fund will surely help them shape their growth. Apart from that we are announcing encomplish.io, India’s first affiliate programme for influencers. You think you are an influencer? India’s first affiliate programme for influencers is here and anyone and everyone can register and get campaigns even if they have ten dedicated followers, this platform will help them grow.”

Major announcements

other announcements being, launch of a professional walk in camera studio including editing room and pre as well as post production work station for influencers by just scheduling the booking on enliv.io”. Apart from the above announcements Kudva also informed about ‘en:lyft cares’ which will be a COVID-19 insurance for the creators.

“We are working towards solutions of the issues that are being faced by the influencers in order to create quality content” he added. The launch of en:LIV Ka Panga’ s first season was announced, which is going to be a reality web series and a unique influencer face off, for the first time on YouTube. The last announcement of all was that the followers can get featured in influencer music video by just uploading their dance videos with the hashtag #EKPsong. Going forward, a panel discussion titled ‘Age of short videos’ took place in which the panelists talked about how the age of short video has arrived where brands are launching platforms to promote short videos digitally. Furthermore Yogendra aka Technical Yogi in his Masterclass spoke about “Growth hacking on YouTube” in which he talked about several ways to garner maximum views as well as how to create content that works.

Whereas the other influencers present in the summit spoke about impact of content and creators as well as platforms that are supporting content. Influencers like Praval Sharma aka Sharmaji Technical, Amresh Bharti aka Mahatmaji Technical played an important role in sharing the side of the influencers and creators in the summit. As well as Mr. Vikas Shrivastava, co-founder at WhatsCutPro talked about the importance of creating content on mobile phones and that it gives each one of us a chance to create content online

The summit brought together influencers, content creators and brands on one platform with the sole aim of building an ecosystem for influencers in the post pandemic world where everything is becoming virtual.  Sameer Mehta, VP, Reliance Jio talked about how Jio Meet is powering the video conferencing scenario being India’s own video conferencing app.