Protecting Renaissance Values: Million Women Wall from Kasargod to Thiruvanathapuram on January 1, 2019: Prinarayi Vijayan

Million Women Wall to be formed on New Year in Kerala starting from Kasargod to Thiruvanathapuram to protect Renaissance values, says Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan

Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan said that a General Council was formed to form Women Wall from Kasargod to Thiruvananthapuram on January 1, 2019 to protect Renaissance values.

The Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan informed that majority of the Renaissance organisations in the State will form a Women Wall from the southern most capital city of Thiruvanathapuram to the northern end of Kasargod on January 1, 2018. In his address, Pinarayi Vijayan said the decision to invite all the Renaissance organisations in Kerala to fight against growing intolerance levels in the state. The Chief Minister also said many of the Renaissance organisations such as the SNDP Yogam had attended the meeting, but with the conspicuous absence of the Nair Service Society (NSS) at the meeting, Pinarayai Vijayan termed it as “unfortunate.” The Women Wall, with a slogan, “Don’t Turn Kerala to Lunatic Asylum Again” will begin from Kasargod district on January 1, 2019 and culminate in Thiruvananthapuram, where the women will create a wall that would grab the attention of the entire nation.

Pinarayi Vijayan also said that most of the major organisations attended the meeting, who agreed with the Government’s stand on the ongoing Sabarimala embroglio. At the meeting, many of the members opined that there was a need to organise a campaign with women leading from the front as at this juncture women are facing discrimination. Giving weight to the the opinion, it was decided upon to form a Women Wall across the State to counter the ongoing fiasco in Sabarimala, paralysing everything. In order to firm up the action plan, a General Council was framed, while SNDP General Secretary, Vellapally Natesan will be the Chairman of the General Council and other elected members include, Punnala Sreekumar as Convener, Vidyasagar and V Raghavan as Vice Chairmen, CR Devadas, CP Suthathan and EN Sankaran as Joint Convenors. K Somaprasad was elected as the Treasurer of the council while P Ramabhadran, PK Sajeev, K Ramankutty, Rajendra Prasad, NK Neelakandan, MV Jayaprakash, Advocate KR Surenddran, Karimpuzha Raman, Baskaran Nair, Seethadevi, TP Kunjumon and KK Suresh were elected as Executive Members, as per a statement issued by the Government of Kerala.

Representatives from all major organisations took part in the meeting barring the NSS, which is supporting the BJP led protest in the Sabarimala. As one of the major stalwarts of the Rennaissance Movement in Kerala’s past history was Mannath Padmanabhan, NSS, the organisation, formed to follow the footsteps of the social reformer did not attend the meet. Therefore, Pinarayi Vijayan said, “Although, the NSS was inevitable among the Renaissance organisations, they should have ideally attended the meeting. It was not to be.” Overall, 190 representatives of various Renaissance organisations were invited, out of which 170 attended the meeting, said the Chief Minister. Along with the NSS, other organisations that skipped the meeting included the Brahmin Sabha, Yogakshema Sabha, Sambava Mahasabha and Kshathriya Kshema Sabya. “The NSS was supposed to attend the meeting and I am not informed about the apparent reason for their absence”, Pinarayi Vijayan said and he further added, “We are duty bound to enforce the Supreme Court verdict, although, the Sangh Parivar led BJP, with the tacit support of the Congress is out there to foment trouble at Sabarimala.”

Kerala Finance Minister Dr. TM Thomas Isaac said Women to form Great Wall of Kerala, to prevent the State from sliding back into medieval madness, going to be raised by a million women from one end of the State to the other on New Year’s Day, come..join the Renaissance…”

Meanwhile, the Finance Minister of Kerala,  Dr. TM Thomas Isaac took to Tweeter. He Tweeted: “Great Wall of Kerala, to prevent the State from sliding back into medieval madness, is going to be raised by a million women from one end of the State to the other on New Year’s Day, come..join the Renaissance…”